Vodafone participates alone in the 45 million tender to monitor expulsion sentences

This system will allow, in Spain, telematic monitoring of compliance with precautionary measures and the prohibition of approach penalties in cases of gender violence.

Vodafone has been left alone in the public tender of the Secretary of State for Equality and Against Gender Violence for the implementation of a telematic monitoring system for compliance with precautionary measures and penalties that restrict approaches in cases of gender violence, a contract estimated at The price is approximately 45.5 million euros.

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Buddy Ltd., a company specializing in location equipment, was the second company that submitted a proposal for this tender, however, the contract table of the Ministry of Equality has agreed to consider its proposal “withdrawn” as requested. Part of the document was not sent within the established time limit.

Thus, Vodafone now appears as the only bidder provisionally accepted for this public contract and its offer is still to be evaluated by the contract table above.

The tender, which has been processed urgently and has received funding from the European Union (EU), describes in the technical specifications that the system to be implemented must be able to identify “at all times the location on Spanish territory in which” persons Or the person has been accused. or in respect of persons found guilty in a judicial process or victims of crime, wherever they may be.”

Furthermore, according to the document published on the public procurement portal and consulted by Europa Press, it must verify the proximity between the victim and the convicted person and “establish appropriate mechanisms to detect any attempts to violate the established prohibition of approach “.

The system must also provide accurate information on the specific point in Spanish territory where the accused or convicted person in the judicial process is located at any time in relation to the place where the victim of the crime is located.

“Electronic devices must be compatible with GPS positioning systems and must have an alternative technical solution that estimates location in areas where the device cannot be located through these universal positioning systems, such as mobile positioning. Based on the network infrastructure and ‘WiFi’ points, the document says, ‘through telephone antennas or similar triangulation calculations, with sufficient accuracy to determine the risk situations that may occur.’

Similarly, the system should have mechanisms to prevent, detect and notify any attempts to circumvent or falsify the operation of electronic devices, as well as to disable or disrupt their normal operation.

It should also explain the violations of the prohibition imposed on the approach and the incidents occurring to those employed in the comprehensive service, the accused or convicted person, the victim of the crime himself and all professionals established in its application. Protocol of action in such cases.

Another requirement established in the tender is that the final winner must have a control center that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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