Vodafone surprises with a new free series channel for its customers

During this month of March 2023 that we are launching today, all Vodafone TV customers You will be able to discover that dials 22 and 23, those usually assigned to guest channels, have changed their broadcasts compared to last month. This month the surprise has been huge, especially with one of them, since Vodafone has put AMC+ free of charge in an exceptional way and as a linear channel.

AMC+ is the guest channel on Vodafone TV

From today until March 30, AMC+ becomes a linear channel within Vodafone TV. The first episodes of a large selection of exclusive AMC+ series are being broadcast on dial 23, allowing customers who are not yet subscribed to the service to discover the unique catalog of this subscription service that can usually be contracted as an additional service at Vodafone TV for only 3.99 euros per month.

AMC + Vodafone TV

Among the titles that viewers will be able to enjoy on the new channel are the big AMC+ original franchisessuch as the recent adaptations of the Anne Rice literary universe: Interview with the Vampire, by Anne Rice and The Mayfair Witches, by Anne Rice, starring Alexandra Daddario.

The first episodes of the new spin-offs of The Walking Dead Universe will also be offered, such as Tales of the Walking Dead or The Walking Dead: Origins. The zombie universe created by Robert Kirkman expands beyond the original series finale with new spin-offs, the first being an episodic anthology that will follow individual characters from The Walking Dead television universe, both new and old, and The Walking. Dead: Origins, as its name suggests, a new series of special episodes that will focus on the origins of some of its characters, acting as a prequel to the main series.

Western lovers will also celebrate having this channel for free, as they have series like the acclaimed Dark Windsdramatic thriller based on the novels by Tony Hillerman that maintains a score of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, or That Dirty Black Bag, shot in Almería.

AMC Crime also available for free

The arrival of AMC+ as a linear channel in the dial 23 of Vodafone TV It is not the only free novelty for customers of the television platform. On dial 22 we will find another guest channel, which this time will be AMC Crime (formerly known as Crime + Investigation).

AMC Crime is the only television channel focused on the investigation of true crimes. Although these are grotesque, the company’s content seeks to bring a serious scientific approach to the content it broadcasts, allowing viewers to understand how police and scientific procedures work, as well as the criminal minds of some of the most terrible murderers in the world. history.

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