Volcán de Fuego increases its eruptive activity, has strong explosions and releases large amounts of ash

The Fuego Volcano increased its eruptive activity on the morning of this Monday, July 4, and strong explosions, lava flow and pyroclastic flow are reported in the La Ceniza ravine, reported the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh)

In the Special Volcanological Bulletin BEFGO 56-2022, the Insivumeh reports an increase in the eruptive activity of the colossus.

He explains that the effusive activity in the Fuego Volcano has registered a progressive increase as of the night of July 2, 2022, generating periods of constant and abundant degassing lasting from minutes to hours.

“This has generated the formation of a new lava flow greater than 1,000 meters in length in the direction of the Ceniza ravine, also generating, according to the records of the seismic stations and that reported by the Volcán de Fuego Volcanological Observatory ( OVFGO), pyroclastic flows in the Ceniza ravine and with a high probability that they will also descend in nearby ravines, such as Trinidad”, the bulletin states.

The information from Insivumeh adds that high columns of ash are observed coming from the crater and curtains of ash that reach up to 5 thousand meters high, formed by the descent of pyroclastic flows that travel approximately 6 km.

“Weak and moderate train locomotive-like sounds are heard almost constantly around the volcano. This will continue to cause fine ash fall in communities near these ravines, such as Panimaché I and II, Morelia, Santa Sofia, Yucales, Palo Verde, El Porvenir, La Rochela, Guadalupe and El Zapote.

In the images shared by Conred, the strong explosions that the Volcán de Fuego is making are observed, as well as the pyroclastic flows.

The authorities are on alert due to the increase in the eruptive activity of the Fuego Volcano.

(Free Press Video: Volunteer Firefighters, Manolo Morales)


The National Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conred) reported that due to the increase in the activity of the Fuego Volcano, the departmental delegates and members of the Volcano Prevention Unit of that institution, maintain communication with community leaders and municipal authorities, also with authorities from the departments of Sacatepéquez, Chimaltenango and Escuintla, an action carried out in compliance with the National Response Plan.

He adds that the population should bear in mind the following recommendations:

Attend to the notices that municipal and departmental authorities make known as preventive evacuations.

Avoid putting your life at risk by locating near ravines or stopping to take pictures in a dangerous situation.

Review your 72-Hour Family Response and Backpack Plan for each member of your family.

If necessary, evacuate with your family to the nearest shelter identified in your community and do so keeping a safe distance of 2 meters between each person, considering the security measures for covid-19.

When staying in a shelter, wear a mask permanently and maintain social distancing between people as a preventive measure against covid-19.

Stay informed through Conred’s social networks and media of volcanic activity.

If you know of a risk situation in your community, let the nearest COMRED know or call 119 CONRED.

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