Volkswagen CEO responds to mistrust: a long letter explaining why Tesla is the reference

In the morning we reported the news of the “revolt” inside Volkswagen, sparked by the union of workers against the CEO Herbert Diess, according to them too focused on electric and on the competitor Tesla.

Excerpts of Diess’s comments on the occasion were already circulating online, but now available the full text of a long letter addressed to Volkswagen managers, where the CEO analyzes the issue point by point, and where, surprisingly, he seems to be aware of detailed description of Tesla’s plans for the Berlin factory, ready to go into operation. Here is the letter:

Today, Tesla sets the standards. They build the car around software. Updates are already part of the daily life of Tesla customers.

Now we arrive every 12 weeks with automatic updates for our ID family – a big step for Volkswagen!
Congratulations to the team of Thomas Ulbrich and CARIAD for this achievement!

Tesla has long been praised for the software, range and acceleration of its cars, but had problems with quality. Production was ridiculed.But our main competitor is learning fastQuality is improving, customer feedback is more positive.

And in Brandenburg, Tesla wants to build half a million cars with 7,000 people, direct and indirect, and with impressive productivity: expected 90 units per hour in a line, 10 hours per car.

In Zwickau, we are more than 30 hours away, we want to reach 20 hours next year
we initially started with a 16 hour project goal.

I don’t need to mention here what all this means on the stock market. Tesla has unlimited access to money and resources due to its high valuation.These numbers are what pushes me to report this new competition and not turn a blind eye.

Even if I stop talking about Elon Musk, here to stay, revolutionizing our industry and rapidly becoming more competitive.

The Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car in Europe in September, ahead of the Golf.And this despite the fact that Tesla is not yet building in EuropeSo far Tesla only matters.

Only those who understand and keep an eye on the competition can win.Tesla the benchmark today and other strong startups have entered our market from China“.

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