Voltron is getting a live-action movie

The “mechamania” continues. It’s never too late for Hollywood to jump on an adaptation of a much-loved classic. The turn now is Voltron, a famous anime from the 1980s that could finally see a big screen adaptation. A live-action version is being developed and has various studios and streaming platforms fighting over it.

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In accordance with The Hollywood Reporterdirector Rawson Marshall Thurber is writing and planning to direct a live-action version of Voltron. In case they’re too young, the anime is about a group of five giant robot pilots coming together to form a larger one, a mecha named after the series. The animated series originally premiered in 1984.

The project is being offered to various production companies. Among them are Warner Bros., Amazon and Universal. Although there is another animated show that is a Netflix original on that platform, the report indicates that they are not interested in this project. It is expected that someone will finally decide to finance before the end of the week, since it was apparently very attractive.

It is precisely because there are various parties interested in this live-action version of Voltron It is not certain that it will reach theaters. Although it would be logical to think that this kind of show would be something to enjoy in theaters, it could always end up in the hands of some streaming company, especially since several of them are famous for giving good amounts of money for new franchises.

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You’re probably wondering who Thurber is. This director most recently made Netflix execs happy with Red Alert – 63%, a film that was supposedly one of the most expensive produced by the platform. The film is an action adventure about a trio of museum robbers played by Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot. Several sequels are expected.

Before that, the director had already worked with Johnson on the films Skyscraper: Rescue from the Heights – 55% and A Spy and a Half – 69%. However, this would be his second participation in a project with a larger budget and significant special effects. Given the fondness fans have for Pacific Rim – 71%, one could assume that the public is still very interested in seeing giant robots fight.

There is still no talent involved in this new version of Voltron. It is expected that once the project obtains financing, production can begin, so we will have to wait to find out more and if it will be the director’s next project. Until then, you can watch the new series on Netflix if you’re not too familiar with that universe.

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