VOX bets on the degree of Medicine in Huesca

David Arranz, Deputy of VOX in the Cortes of Aragon.

Huesca should be a university city of reference in the Spanish academic world.

This is not a trivial statement. If we go back in history, the current Alto Aragonese capital was a pioneer in academic training. Already in the year 72 BC, Quinto Sertorio inaugurated the Academy of Latinity, thus giving its name to the later Sertorian University of Huesca in the 14th century, this being the first existing university in Aragon and one of the first universities in Spain.

Currently, in the opinion of VOX, Huesca meets the ideal conditions for the Aragon government, and within this the Ministry of Science, University and Knowledge Society, to make a commitment to promote and increase its university campus. And thereby generate a very positive impact on the city, both in terms of employment and progress.

The high Aragonese capital stands out for being a pleasant city to live in. But at the same time, with the right size to have a wide range of necessary services and communications. Conditions that make it very attractive for university students.

In this sense, the current and urgent need to increase the demand for medical professionals opens the possibility for the Huesca campus to grow with the implementation of the full degree in Medicine.

From VOX, we want to remember that it was the current Minister of Education and Professional Training, Pilar Alegría, who in July 2015, in her capacity as Minister of Innovation, Research and University of the DGA, undertook to study the possibility of implementing the second cycle of Medicine in Huesca.

In the Parliamentary Group of VOX in Aragon, like many people from Huesca, it does not go unnoticed that the University of Zaragoza has tried to eliminate at once, or due to exhaustion with designed reductions in the ratio of students during these years, the Medicine degree at the Huesca campus. Some studies that were inaugurated in the 1973/74 academic year, but despite these almost fifty years, today it is only possible to study the first two years of the degree, after the elimination of the third year, a few years ago.

The incomprehension turns out to be greater, when verifying that, before the urgent demand to have medical professionals, the government of Aragon bets that these studies be carried out in the private university of San Jorge. Something that in VOX would not seem bad to us, as long as the possibilities of pursuing those same studies in the public university are exhausted, as is easily achievable in Huesca.

I want to remind you, in this sense, that the San Jorge Hospital has been a university hospital since September 7, 2020 and, therefore, its functions include, in addition to health care, research and teaching. Some logical synergies for the development of the complete university degree in Medicine.

From VOX we accept that the University of Zaragoza is an autonomous institution, but we want to emphasize that it is due to society and the territorial balance of Aragon. And therefore, our request, which includes the majority feeling of the people of Huesca regardless of their political affiliation, should be taken into consideration so that it becomes a definitive reality in the design of the next academic year.


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