Wacho Jiménez aired that his family was offended by his performancesHalftime

Miguel Jimenezgoalkeeper of the Chivas I accept that has always been criticized regardless of their participation or not on the field; what the Wacho does not like is that offenses reach your closest circle: your family.

In a press conference, the goalkeeper of the Sacred Flock does not hide from criticism, and knows that mistakes will always appear on the pitchand everything they say is well received, he assured.

“They criticized me when I didn’t play, Now that I’m playing, criticism will be at the bottom of the canyon, forever. I always try to stay focused, doing my job. There are mistakes, there will always be mistakes in life, more on the field, more noticeable in the goal. I am a person who has lived through everything, I have had to be, not be, play, get out of here. The pressure in Chivas will always beIt is a club where the pressure and the demand will always be 100 percent,” he said.

“But at the end of the day, I’ve always tried to stay focused, to do my job and receive criticism, because I know that criticism is part of football. but so too there are criticisms that go further, that offend my family and I think that is no longer valid. On the contrary, he is already going for something else. But I tell you, at the end of the day, criticism will always be there and it will be well received by your server”.

Staying in the starting 11, Jiménez’s challenge

Jiménez was left with the ownership in Guadalajara in the last year, he has not released it and currently struggle daily to stay in the eleven of the coach, Veljko Paunovic, who little by little they are finding their style.

“It is true that we are in a process in the idea of ​​Professor Pauno. That’s why we try every day to soak up what he wants. He is someone very hardworking, very demanding, who is there every day taking care of the details. They are the first ones who want this situation to get the rhythm and game they want, ”he commented.

“Here the commitment is 100 percent, we are 100 percent with them, with their coaching staff. The team is giving everything and sooner or later the results are going to happen and things are going to turn out very well,” he wished.

Paunovic’s work excites them

Jiménez is one of the Chivas youth players who has seen an endless number of technicians pass by, but in Pauno he found certain characteristics that make him different.

“The truth is that I have spent a lot of time in Chivas, I have seen coaches pass by. Everyone has their methodology Pauno is very detailed, he tries to be there with the player, tell you the little details that can help you, tell you to believe in yourself and your ability. It is something very important for one as a player to feel supported, gain confidence and be able to demonstrate match by match, training session by training session, everything that Pauno wants to fill us with his methodology”, added the goalkeeper.

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