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Many remember him as Captain Nascimento from the film Elite troopothers like Spider on Elysiumwhere he was seen with Diego Luna, and others like Pablo Escobar in the series narcs, a character with whom he also shares a very viral meme on the network that has to do with sadness. The Brazilian actor Wagner Moura has several projects that place him in the film or television scene and after 24 years in the industry, in which he has gained fame and renown, the interpreter tries to choose projects that can have a deeper reading, such as it happened with Shining Girlsa series in which he plays a journalist who investigates a series of femicides.

“I am very happy that the series talks about femicide. I am a very political person, I like to show social issues and although the series does not focus only on femicide, since it develops several issues, it does address it in a large percentage. Femicide is a very important issue in Latin America, especially in Mexico because of everything that has happened. I was just directing some episodes of narcs in Mexico and I had to see how all the women went on a national strike (March 9, 2020) and the country was left without women for a day. It was something unprecedented and for me that was a beautiful demonstration of feminine power”, Wagner Moura told Excelsior.

The 45-year-old actor, who will premiere Shining Girls on April 29, he continued his speech on this subject and concluded that sexism still prevails in Latin America, therefore, a man is capable of harming a woman when he feels small, as seen in the series, just when a serial killer outrages and deprives the lives of women with a prominent future.

“I am proud to be part of this series created, written and directed by women that talks about a very important topic: how women kill themselves just for being women. We grew up in extremely sexist environments, I in Brazil and I am sure that in Mexico it is the same, and I have seen countless times in the newspapers stories of how a man murdered a woman just because he felt small in front of her.

“So again, I am happy to know that we are making a program that touches on a topic of great social importance,” Moura deepened.

based on the book Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes, the series focuses on Kirby (Elisabeth Moss), a journalist who survived the attack of a serial killer and who, together with Dan Velázquez (Moura), tries to put together the stories of several women murdered in a similar way in order to find the murderer, who from the first chapter is known to be played by the British Jamie Bell (billy elliot2000).

Dan Velázquez, the journalist played by Moura, is a troubled man, a single father, whose intelligence and sagacity contrast with the moments of escape in which he drinks until he is lost and consumes cocaine. For Moura, he was no stranger to playing a journalist, since before becoming an actor he graduated as such at the Federal University of Bahia, in Brazil.

“I am a journalist, I graduated as such and I was very happy to play one on the screen, because it is a job that I admire a lot. Today’s journalists are in a strange position when faced with political leaders who discredit their work or journalists who are killed by the nature of their very work. Many of my best friends are journalists, they graduated from college with me and I talked to them a lot about the differences of being a journalist today compared to journalists in the 90s, which is when the story takes place, I read a lot about journalism and contacted some journalists from Chicago
who introduced me to the newsroom, so I am happy to play a journalist, ”he shared who will soon be seen on the tape The Gray Mandirected by Joe and Anthony Russo, brothers behind several avengers.

Wagner Moura said that just when he finished filming the last installment of Narcos: Mexico as a director, where it was shown how some journalists try to show that drug trafficking was related to businessmen and politicians. Curiously, after working on the series he began to film Shining Girls and put himself in the shoes of Dan Velázquez.

“He is a problematic guy, a complicated human being, but he is a gifted journalist, he is a very good journalist and I am happy to be able to bring him to life,” concluded Moura, who will be seen in the Apple TV + series.

meet him

Wagner Moura

  • Actor, director, composer and musician.
  • He was born on June 27, 1976.
  • She is a vocalist for the band Sua Māe.
  • He started his acting career in 1998.
  • 15 years ago he starred Elite troop by Jose Padilha. The director received the Golden Bear for this film.
  • Elysiumwith Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, was his first work in the United States.

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