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LOS ANGELES – Losing weight and eating healthy is America’s number one New Year’s resolution, but keeping it off is hard work.

The first days of the year, thousands of people start a routine with the intention of having a healthier life. However, maintaining the determination to continue with the purposes is the most difficult task.

“Usually the first week of the year new people come, people who have their New Year’s resolutions. They are motivated to start with their diet, with their exercise, and with many goals for the coming year”, said Alex Núñez, Hardcore Fitness trainer.

However, after the first few weeks, gyms start to run out of steam and few people manage to stick to their goals.

“Discipline is the most important thing, because motivation comes and goes. For example, if we are motivated for a week or two, that’s perfect, but then, the next month or two, dedication and discipline are more important to create a routine with food and exercise,” Nuñez said.

Waldina Garrido told how she maintained her motivation until she lost 50 pounds of weight. “This process started after saying ‘no more’, because we know that obesity is not good, and we have to try to eat healthier, healthier,” she said.

That is why “exercising my body” became one of the main objectives of Garrido, who also found a gym where she felt supported to maintain her goals. “My trainers (trainers), the members, they are my family, and they give me unconditional support,” she added.

Garrido had this resolution for several years, and he tried to put it into practice during each new year. “Many times he said ‘I start on Monday or the other Monday’, or ‘I start in January’, but it never came. I tried, but when I got to a certain weight, I said ‘no more’”.

However, last year, Garrido decided to start the process until he created new habits and a routine. “Everything is possible, if I could lose 50 pounds, we can all do it,” said the woman.

For her part, Jackie Ángeles, who arrives at the gym early to exercise, said that “the motivation is to be well, with physical and mental health. This is what motivates me to keep going.”

Ángeles assures that the key to not losing her motivation was to “focus on myself, my self-esteem, feeling emotionally and physically well”.

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