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Over the past few days, a rumor has surfaced that Canadian sniper Waliwho joined the Ukrainian army to defend this country, would have died after an attack by Russian troops.

Several Russian media confirmed the presumed death of the best sniper in the world while defending the city of Mariúpohe was informed that Wali had accidentally revealed his location to the Russian army, who immediately bombed the place to end his life.

However, this Monday, March 21, Oliver Lavigne-Ortiz, real name of who is considered the most feared sniper on the planet, reappeared after days of absence and spoke to the Canadian media the press about his current situation in Ukraine.

The 40-year-old soldier, who left his quiet life in Quebec to defend Ukraine from Russian invasion, told the press that despite constant attacks from Russia, he had returned unscathed from his first mission.

“I was the last to find out that he was dead,” Wali laughed via video conference from Ukraine.

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According to the Canadian soldier, the Ukrainian army unit he was in was attacked by Russian tanks and artillery for three days in a rowbut this was not enough to end his life.

“I saw a ball of fire pass me three meters from the head. It was surreal,” she stated.

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Added to this, the best sniper in the world reported that he did not fire any shots during these three days of confrontation between both sides, but his contribution was to reveal the location of the Russian artillery for the Ukrainian soldiers to attack them and regain ground.

“It’s a bit like a war of males who puff out their chests throwing large conch shells. Half the job is hiding to protect yourself. The tanks stay on the outskirts. The Russians are afraid to get close. There is very little direct contact between the fighters, but the pressure is really intense”, concluded Wali.

Reasons for Wali's alleged death
Wali has military experience in war conflicts in Afghanistan, Iraq and Ukraine. (Free Press Photo: @nexta_tv/Twitter)

After his talk with the media the pressWali also reappeared on social networks, where published a photograph inside a pool of colored balls in the form of mockery after the false news about his death in Ukraine.

“I am alive. As proof, here I am in the position of a special forces warrior commando tactical super sniper in a ball pit. The rumors that I died in the fight were completely ridiculous,” he stated.

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Likewise, the feared sniper reported on the progress made by the Ukrainian army in its defense against the Russian invasionwhich has claimed the lives of thousands of people.

“The truth is that we have taken the enemy’s ground in addition to causing losses. Unfortunately we also lost comrades, dead and wounded. The Russians are afraid of a close fight. They prefer to bomb, over and over again, destroy houses, like frustrated thugs,” revealed Wali.

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