Walking diet, how to lose weight without fatigue

You can lose weight just by walking! It has been revealed that 30 minutes a day are enough to already see a slimming effect on your body.

The biologist Sara Cordara and the nutritionist Laura Avalle (authors of the book The walking diet) have posted all the tips for lose weight without great sacrifices. Apparently, the walk has some beneficial effects on the whole organism: on weighton the mind It is on cardiovascular system.

If you follow this diet, you can then avoid ‘heavy’ physical exercises and simply rely on one walk.

How does it work

It is necessary first of all walking at a fast and steady pacefor at least 30 minutes and for at least 3 times a week. The nutritionist has therefore revealed that the walk is a real one cure-all, and it is suitable for everyone. “There are no contraindications“, he said, “no special equipment is needed and is good for the whole body“.

It is therefore important walk brisklyand preferably away from the city and traffic: you should also dress comfortably, with breathable clothing. “An energetic walk“, has continued, “whose speed will increase every day a little more if we practice it consistently, up to 6-7 km / h. He also recalled how walking is good for mindatcardiovascular system and al joint system.

Among the various indications, a best time for walking: it would be preferable to get up around 6 in the morning and take a walk before starting the day. In fact, the doctor stated that in the morning the body lose weight faster. “In fact, at that hour we have gods hormonal spikes that make us burn more fat“, has explained. There you should also exercise on an empty stomach: during the night, the body uses up all the glycogen (i.e. carbohydrates) and, during morning physical activity, the body uses fats as an energy source.

Nutrition is important

In addition to walking, it is also important to follow one Proper nutrition. There would be four distinct steps to follow:

  • there purification phase it only lasts three days. We eat little (and we eliminate carbohydrates) and we try not to abound liver ei kidneys.
  • there re-education phase lasts seven days: you can consume eggs, milk and derivatives, cereals and legumes.
  • the last two phases are those of Consolidation And maintenance: lean meats, cured meats, cheeses, starchy products are eaten.

They can thus be lost up to 4 kg in one month: the body will turn out more toned and defined, and you will have a great deal of energy. It is also important to assume the right amount of water: it is in fact advisable to drink at least 600-700 ml of water a couple of hours before the walk, 250 ml of water every 15 minutes during exercise, and especially take water at the end of the activity.

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