Wall Street: “Ford’s current range is the best in decades.” And the title reaches the record on the stock exchange

Just a few days ago we told you about the nth upward adjustment for the production volume of Ford, which is experiencing tremendous interest in its electric vehicles. Positive signs continue to arrive, always with the Electric F-150 Lightning Pickup protagonist, so much so that the new vehicle is practically sold out “forever”.

Ford F-150 Lightning

Also there Mustang Mach-E continues to gain support, and is now considered the only real rival of Tesla Model 3 And Model Y. Deliveries in 2021, which for the first time reached important numbers, boosted Ford’s turnover, and the response on the stock market was not long in coming.

Ford E-Transit

The stock soared to over $ 25 per share, equaling a record of the past twenty years, and pushing the market cap above 100 billion dollars. Sure that seems like a small thing compared to Tesla’s more than 1 trillion, but analysts still see ample room for improvement for the Blue Oval home.

Analyst Mike Ward even stated that “Ford’s product range is the best in decades“, and from this situation Ford could generate record levels of profitability. It is also mentioned E-Transit (our preview here), basically the third electric vehicle in Ford’s history, which is entering the market right now, and it seems that the demand is already good, despite the challenges of a particular market such as that of commercial vehicles.

Ford Battery

All this meat in the fire means that Ford will have to commit to producing something like this in the coming months 600,000 battery packs, to support this important transition to electricity. Also from this point of view the plans are concrete, thanks to the alliance with SK Innovation, and programming that would make Ford the largest battery maker in the United States. The Tennessee plant is expected to reach 43 GWh by 2025, and the one in Kentucky would do even better, with 86 GWh.

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