Wanda Nara changed her look and stopped being blonde

Wanda Nara changed her look and stopped being blonde

Wanda Nara is enjoying the summer in Buenos Aires and, as always, she is very active on her social networks, showing almost all her movements. This Monday, on her Instagram Stories, she was seen sharing a day in the pool with her children, an ideal plan to alleviate the high temperatures that were recorded during the day.

But not all of Wanda’s children were on the same plan: Valentino López put his claws in it and trained very hard despite the weather. “January, tremendous heat, and he continues,” wrote her mother on a video, proud to see him work physically and rigorously, despite everything. But what really surprised the followers of Zaira’s sister were the following stories, where she warned that she was about to undergo an imminent makeover.

“Bye blonde, see you soon,” she wrote about a video in which she is seen in front of the mirror and wearing sunglasses. “It’s like 400 degrees in Buenos Aires … Take a good look at the hair because everything changes in a while,” Wanda told her followers. And a while later, she shared a reel with the caption: “Hello brunette.”

“Buenos Aires, I say new airs”, began writing Wanda in the epigraph of the publication and in what can be read as a possible reference to the typical change of look that many women usually practice after a separation. However, Nara clarified that she has to do with something in the labor order. “My natural color for such a beautiful project. Change, everything changes ”, she followed her in the text. In the video she doesn’t say a word, she only shows her new hair while Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” sounds in the background, almost like a coincidence that refers to her gesture.

A while later, he shared a humorous publication with which he does realize that this change in his appearance is in line with the change in his life, marked by his separation from Mauro Icardi. In a reel, Lisa Simpson, from the cartoon The Simpsons, is seen dyeing her hair frantically, while the video has a forceful phrase as its title: “Me closing the cycle.”

Last Sunday, from her home in Santa Bárbara, in the Tigre area, Wanda decided to answer some of the questions from her Instagram followers. “How do the boys do with school?” A user wanted to know. And she replied: “My children have a teacher every day of their lives. The same one they had in Europe is still with them here. It helps them prepare for the exams they take online. And to present the work they do”.

The truth is that, when one of the Internet users wanted to know who had been the love of his life, leaving his children aside, Wanda did not play it. “I’ll know when I’m older, I guess,” she replied. And it is clear that his answer was not addressed to Maxi, who is currently rebuilding his love life with Daniela Christiansson with whom he is expecting a child, but it could well be a hint to Icardi who is waiting for her in Turkey with the hope of rebuilding the relationship.

“Are you alone or knowing someone?” Was another of the questions that Wanda chose to answer after Elián Valenzuela, such the name of the cumbia 420 singer with whom she was associated in recent months, was seen along with other women. “Knowing me,” was the businesswoman’s response. So we will have to wait to find out what her destiny has in store for her for the year that has just begun.

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