Wanda Vázquez: read the indictment against the former governor arrested for bribery scheme

The indictment against the former governor Wanda Vazquez Garced collects racist expressions made among the co-defendants Julio Herrera Velutini, a Venezuelan banker; Y Mark Rossinia former agent of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in which Puerto Ricans are compared to “monkeys.”

The former president was arrested this Thursday by federal authorities and accused of three charges of corruption. She was released on $50,000 “unsecured” bond, which means she does not have to pay the money to the court.

“On March 3, 2020, Herrera texted Rossini about the need for a ‘campaign manager’ and how he ‘didn’t want them to put a monkey on Puerto Rico'”can be read on page 21 of the 42-page federal indictment.

Then, according to the statement, Rossini replied that one of the international consulting firms would look for someone from Washington DC and added: “We need someone who is ours.” Jorge Dávila was the campaign manager for Vázquez Garced.

Insult that the banker Julio Herrera would have expressed and that is broken down as part of the accusation against him.
Insult that the banker Julio Herrera would have expressed and that is broken down as part of the accusation against him. (Capture)

That same day, Rossini emailed “international consulting firm 2,” as identified in the federal document, which read: “I spoke with Julio on the phone earlier today and he reiterated his desire/need for an experienced campaign manager to work for Wanda as soon as possible. He hopes that you have or can find a person who can present to the campaign soon”.

The indictment also highlights that around January 14, 2020, Herrera Velutini; Frances Diaz, chief executive officer (CEO, in English) of Bancrédito; Y John Blakemancollaborator of the Vázquez Garced campaign, met with the then governor in La Fortaleza.”

Days later, Rossini sent a text message to an unidentified individual, explaining that Herrera Velutini, “Individual C”—who is not identified and is only known to be an “investor residing in Puerto Rico”—and another person would finance “the campaign of the governor of Puerto Rico.”

A federal grand jury on Wednesday returned a seven-count indictment against the three defendants in a bribery scheme.

According to the federal indictment, between December 2019 and June 2020, Vázquez Garced participated in a bribery scheme with several people, including Herrera Velutini and Rossini, to finance the 2020 primary campaign, when she was then governor. The amount of bribe money received by the governor’s campaign exceeded $300,000according to the court document.

See the indictment below:

Accusation against the… by El Nuevo Día

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