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There are several collectors willing to pay up to 150 thousand Argentine pesos to get one of the 6.4 million tickets of a dollar which were issued in duplicate in 2014 in USAas happens, also, with the banknotes of 1 dollar that are sold for 45 thousand dollars.

Banknotes with defects and anomalies are a great attraction for collectorsso a simple printing error could shoot its value to unimaginable numbers.

The Bureau of Engraving and Printingthe state agency in charge of printing US dollars, in 2014 mistakenly issued two identical print runs of 6.4 million dollar bills. That year, the first printing was distributed in the state of New York. Two years later, another exactly the same came to Washington.

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Due to this situation they are scattered around the world 6.4 million $1 “even bills” with the same serial number, but so far, only only 9 such pairs have been found and some collectors offer a fortune to acquire them.

To find out if your dollar bill is worth thousands of dollars, you must check its serial number, which should be between B00000001 and B00250000 or B03200001 and B09600000.

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In addition to the serial number, you must ensure that the ticket has a seal from the Federal Reserve with the letter “B”. Also, the serial number must end with a star.

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