Was Indigo already born? Rumors begin that Evaluna and Camilo are already parents

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Evaluna and Camilo They announced that they were waiting for her first baby in October 2021a news that made her fans happy, who have not missed any details about the pregnancy that is already in its last stages.

Recently, the Colombian celebrated 28 yearsand aware of that, he received hundreds of messages from his followers and clearly from his family, among which the one from Evaluna, Ricardo Montaner, Mau and Rickyas well as his sister’s.

Even though they all contained words of love, the publication of the Camilo’s sister, Manuelagot his admirers thinking about the possible indigo birthbecause in the respective message, the woman called him “daddy”.

“I love you Camilo, I celebrate the man you are today: the brother, the boss, the friend, the son, the dad. What a privilege to see you grow…”, wrote the Camilo’s sister.

Immediately fans began to speculate on the message, arguing that Indigo could have already been bornhowever, that only remained in rumors, because the Montaner family has not said anything about it.

Camilo and Manuela.

Are Camilo and Evaluna already parents?

It was probably just a sweet comment from Camilo’s sisterWell, the singer continues to work hard, and a few months ago he said that he would stop working when his firstborn was born, to spend time with him and his wife.

Just after the future parents announced the pregnancy, Camilo confessed to an Argentine media: “In life there are beautiful interruptions and Indigo is a very preciousthen we will give ourselves a period of time to be able to, because our original idea with the tour was to go to thoroughly cover all the countries, of course starting with Colombia”.

“But with this news (of the pregnancy) Everything is delayed a bit and that is why we wanted to do this quota of concerts before the end of the year, like stepping fast in the territories that were waiting for us, but the other year (this 2022) we are going to finish the tour with Indigo in armswith that little pearl here hanging everywhere”.

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