Was it acted? The day Randy Orton attacked El Furby on Televisa

One of the most tense moments that he has had to live Luis Alberto Martinez “The Furby” in his career as a journalist occurred in 2009, the year in which Televisa took advantage of the great boom of the company World WrestlingEntertainment (WWE) to take over the broadcast rights, a decision that would ultimately lead to a tense encounter with Randy Orton.

On the promotional tour, The Viper visited the facilities of said chain to be part of the promotionalthough instead of being protocol, of exchanging good comments, it ended with an altercation with Martínez.

In principle, to ease the conversation, El Furby asked Orton what he had for breakfast, a question that was taken ironically by the American, who even pointed out that it was a “great” question, to immediately detail his food, including omelettes.

That answer would lead the little driver to launch the comment “What good are so many omelettes if you seem very fragile? You’ve broken your collarbone, your arm, what’s wrong?”, which made Orton explode, action that was then taken with great reserve because it seemed acted and as part of the work to generate more attraction.

You want to talk shit about me on your show and show off? Say that to my face! Look at me! Say it again! I dare you to say it! Tell me fragile! I’ll put my teeth through your skull!” Orton yelled before leaving the forum.

What did the Furby say over the years?

In statements he gave in October 2020, Martínez pointed out that there was nothing plannedalthough he clarified that it derived from a pique that they had throughout the interview, which was very extensive and not just the minute it’s seen on YouTube.

“It was something very strange because not even their public relations people (WWE) had given them an interview like thisSo, you still say ‘good’ about the glasses, but when he confronts me, when he gets very close, I begin to see the production out of the corner of my eye, and especially their people, and I say, nobody was worried that something was going to happen. But as it was being seen as ‘this doesn’t happen all the time’, I wasn’t really afraid, you understand what is happening (…) but of course it impresses you to have Randy yelling at you 10 or 15 cm from your face” , commented.

He said that this is the “strange” interview he has had to do, although it did not happen to adults and even commented that Orton recorded his promos with the greatest possible professionalism and without referring to the fact again, which even transcended the United States.

“He is very professional in what they had to do that day, there was no other question with him. He did come back after a while to record a promo that had to be done. We no longer cross a word. He left for a few minutes and it was missing to promote the schedules and all that and he, like the others, returned, “he assured.

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