Was it offside for Rashford?


In an electrifying classic, Manchester Utd came from behind to win 2-1 over Manchester City for date 20 of the English league, which began winning at minute 60 with a goal from the newcomer to the field Jack Grealish.

This is how the table of positions of the English league 2022-23 works

However, in a breath, in three minutes, the classic came to a boil and it all began with one of the most controversial plays in recent years in the Premier League.

At minute 78, a long pass from casemiro made run to Rashford, which started a meter ahead. The ’10’ from United kept running, but without touching the ball. The truth is that the ball reached the edge of the area, where Bruno Fernandes appeared to finish off and sign the 1-1.

The linesman called Rashford offside, but then the central referee interpreted that the striker never touched the ball and that the score counted.

It must also be said that Rashford’s influence on the play is total, since Nathan Ake and Akanji kept marking him and that is why Bruno enters in total solitude.

Everything Manchester City He protested and the judge claimed the goal. Now the controversy is installed. So great was the blow of that play that the City was stuck in that situation and two minutes later, Rashford signed 2-1. This play will be talked about all week.

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