Was it the infidelities that would have ended the romance of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly?

It is a question that arises through a publication that Megan fox He made on his social networks and that he stood out for having a cryptic message that fans deciphered for the side of infidelity as a trigger for his separation with Machine Gun Kelly.

The whole situation is surprising and a lot, because the couple had announced their engagement in June 2020 with a very intense and controversial message, where the actress declared that, after agreeing to the proposal, they both drank “the other’s blood “.

But at the beginning of this 2023 there are already indications that the link was broken and each one goes their own way, with the social networks being the ones that reported that Megan He closed his Instagram account. But it was the previous posts that also gave some alerts.

The prior notice was a publication made up of a description with a quote that could serve as a coded message and a photo that completes a whole atmosphere of breakup.

He copy it read, “You can taste dishonesty. It’s all over your breath,” which is a snippet from Beyoncé’s song “Pray You Catch Me.” That song gained her fame because it was said that the African-American artist dedicated it to her husband, rapper Jay-Z, for having been unfaithful.

The images chosen to accompany this statement were a photo of Megan in the bathroom taken by a friend, who is also out, and the video of a bonfire fueled by a pile of letters.

Already with the account suspended by their own choice, the musings about the breakup and separation gain more strength as the days go by and both protagonists do not give statements about it.

Just as it happened with Avril Lavigne, a beautiful and very intense publicly exposed commitment would have ended, and in this case the betrayal could be the main trigger. But it has not been confirmed yet.


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