Was the scammer scammed? The story of when Anna Delvey scammed the founder of the Fyre Festival

One of the most commented premieres of Netflix in recent days is that of the miniseries ‘Inventing Anna’starring Julia Garner and which tells us the story of Anna Deveya German socialite and alleged heiress who swindled New York’s banks, hotels, and wealthier people.

As we told you before, Anna Delvey’s story is real and the world learned about it thanks to Jessica Pressler, a journalist who published in New York Magazine an article titled ‘Maybe She Had So Much Money She Just Lost Track of It’ where he detailed how Delvery managed to sneak into the upper echelons of New York.

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‘Inventing Anna’ series shows us Anna Delvey’s scams

Luxury hotels, trips, dinners in expensive restaurants, designer clothes and more Those are the things that Anna Sorokin was able to enjoy rubbing shoulders with the cream of the American city thanks to a series of scams she did to friends, acquaintances and even some banks to whom she asked for loans of thousands (or millions) of dollars.

Under the guise that she was a German heiress (when in fact she was a middle-class Russian woman raised in Germany), Nobody ever suspected when Anna’s credit cards didn’t work or she borrowed money with the promise of paying cash later. This is how he took advantage of everyone who crossed his path.

Was the scammer scammed?  The story of when Ana Delvey scammed the founder of the Fyre Festival

Photo: Netflix

One of them went to Billy McFarland, the founder of the Fyre Festival

In the series we can see how friends, lawyers, bankers, businessmen and more people lost thousands of dollars after living with Anna Delvey, who somehow ended up abusing her trust. One of them was Billy McFarlanda subject who ironically also became famous throughout the world for the crime of fraud.

Surely the name of this subject rings a bell and it is not for less. Its about founder of the Fyre Festival, a music event that took place in 2017 and which promised to be an exclusive party full of celebrities and influencers who would meet in an island in the Bahamas that supposedly had belonged to Pablo Escobar.

Was the scammer scammed?  The story of when Ana Delvey scammed the founder of the Fyre Festival

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The event was created with the intention of being the direct competition of Coachella and offered a weekend full of live bands, a beautiful view of the sea, five-star camping-type accommodation, gourmet food and private parties aboard yachts where some celebrities and influencers such as Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski would be, who also promoted the event.

However, they attended the Fyre Festival – which McFarland created with rapper Ja Rule – they only found tents with wet mattresses, sandwiches with two slices of cheese, canceled bands, lack of water, electricity and the inability to return home for a long time.


McFarland was sued for fraud, a crime of which he was also previously a victim

Fyre Festival disaster brought Billy McFarland a fraud lawsuit which gave him a six-year prison sentence and a $26 million fine. Something that perhaps could be seen coming, since the ‘entrepreneur’ already had a history of fraud in businesses such as Magnificenta credit card that offered its users tickets to concerts and exclusive events.

The thing with Magnises is that several people started filing complaints about tickets being canceled at the last minute or unacknowledged charges coming into their accounts in the name of the company. One that, by the way, Anna Delvey herself got to know McFarland personally.

Photo: Netflix

In one of the episodes of ‘Inventing Anna’ we see that Anna Delvey and Billy McFarland lived together for a while in one of the apartments of the founder of the Fyre Festival, who at that time was just beginning to land the idea of ​​the festival. And we deduced that when Billy says that Ja Rule agreed to be his partner.

In real life both scammers met, however, it was anna who first swindled billy before he did the same thing to more people through the Fyre Festival.

Tss… Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowski could be summoned to testify by the Fyre Festival

These are the stores that really should have been luxury stays.

Anna Delvey was in Billy McFarland’s hotel for months and without paying a single penny

According to Page Six, in 2013 Anna Delvey stayed at the Wooster Street hotel which, in addition to being the property of McFarland it was also the company’s headquarters magnises. Anna got there thanks to an acquaintance from Billy’s team, whom she asked for permission to stay for a few days while she found a place to settle.

The days turned into months and they soon realized that Anna wasn’t planning on leaving the hotel despite Billy hinting that he didn’t want her in his compound anymore. Incredibly, she wasn’t worried about that. He even attended the parties that the businessman organized to promote Magnises.

Was the scammer scammed?  The story of when Ana Delvey scammed the founder of the Fyre Festival

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four months later McFarland moved his office to another location. and that was the only way to get Anna Delvey off Wooster Street, where she obviously left without paying a dime (as she did in other hotels).

time after that Billy McFarland began paying damages to the Fyre Festival after being accused of fraud. A crime that he shares with Anna Sorokin, who swindled him like dozens of other people until he ended up in prison. The scammer got scammed!

The Celebrity Scammer: The Story Behind Netflix’s ‘Inventing Anna’

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