Was your flight delayed? Take note of what you should do

In full swing of summer vacations, the rate of delays, cancellations and postponements of flights goes up. Here we list what you should do if any of this happens with your flight. Take note to take all precautions!

Don’t get caught: Have you seen The Terminal, the movie starring Tom Hanks? Well, we are not talking about such an extreme case, but you can prevent being stranded at the airport. Check in advance the status of your flight from your home or from the hotel. If it has been delayed, canceled or postponed, you may be notified on official channels.

go to the counters: if you are already at the airport, the essential thing is to go to one of the counters and request personalized attention. However, if there is a lot of demand, you can call the airline and they may answer you over the phone rather than in person.

Good attitude: It is true that the inconvenience caused by a delay, a delay or a postponement can irritate anyone, but it is also true that the airline employees are not responsible. Speak politely and it will be easier to solve the problem.

In the evening: There is no law that allows it, but passengers can ask the airline to accommodate them or give them a voucher to spend the night in a hotel, if the cancellation was overnight. They may even offer you not only accommodation, but also support for meals and transportation.

Refund: The United States Department of Transportation ensures that you have the right to a refund of the cost of the ticket if the cancellation or delay is significant. Please note this.

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