Watch the Exciting First Trailer for Emerald Fennell’s “Saltburn” Starring Jacob Elordi & Barry Keoghan, Margot Robbie to Debut as Producer

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan lead the cast of “Saltburn,” the long-awaited drama directed by Emerald Fennell. Find out all about this intriguing tale of aristocracy and passion.

Emerald Fennell’s feature film directorial debut, “Promising Young Woman,” earned her an Oscar, and now the multi-talented Brit is emerging as a leading figure in the industry with her next film. Here we tell you everything we know so far.

Who is the cast of “Saltburn”?

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan star in “Saltburn.”

What is the plot of “Saltburn”?

It will follow a young student at Oxford University who finds himself drawn into the world of a glamorous aristocrat who invites him to his family’s sprawling estate.

When will ‘Saltburn’ release?

The film will hit the theaters on 24 November.


The trailer promises chaos and adultery.

The first trailer dropped on August 30, and it’s a treat! You can expect impressive settings, exuberant parties and secret dates.

It’s Emerald Fennell’s long-awaited return to the big screen

Since winning the Best Original Screenplay Oscar in 2021 for her fiery directorial debut “Promising Young Woman,” not to mention becoming one of only eight women to be nominated for Best Director in the 1995 decade. Over the years in the Academy’s history, the filmmaker has collaborated with Andrew Lloyd Webber in his reimagined version of “Cinderella” and appeared as pregnant Midge in “Barbie,” but has so far refused to return to the director’s chair. Have avoided. That will change with “Saltburn,” a film he is directing, writing and producing. We’re keeping our fingers crossed for a surprise cameo as well, because in her debut film, Fennell appeared in a very funny role as the host of a makeup tutorial video from which her vengeful heroine Cassie (Carey Mulligan) takes advice. Is.

Rosamund Pike is one of its stars

Another Oscar-nominated National Gem will be on camera this time: Rosamund Pike, who will star in her first film since 2020’s “I Care A Lot,” where she played downright ruthless con artist Marla Grayson and won a Golden Globe in the process. The actress has been going strong in recent years, delivering critically acclaimed performances in everything from the heartbreaking “A Private War” to the hilarious “State of the Union,” and if “Saltburn” lives up to expectations If so, it can be easily opened. En route to his second Oscar nomination. (She was previously recognized for playing the terrifying Amy Dunn in 2014’s “Gone Girl.”)

Jacob Elordi and Barry Keoghan lead the cast, Who Joins the Pike?

no less than a rising star Jacob ElordiAustralian heartthrob is bringing record-breaking second season of “Euphoria,” and Irish actor Barry KeoghanThe new Joker in Matt Reeves’ “The Batman,” who received his first Oscar nomination this year for his supporting role in “The Banshees of Inishrein.” Colin Farrell And Brendan Gleeson, they also complete the cast Richard E Grant, Alison Oliver From “Chatting with Friends”, Archie Madekwe More From “Midsomer” carey mulligan In a role that is yet to be revealed.

The film will be based on an elite family.

Although plot details have been carefully kept secret, Deadline has reported that “Saltburn” will be “a harrowing tale” centered on “a large and aristocratic English family”. Fennell is in a good position to tell such a story: her father is the British jewelry designer Theo Fennell, who according to his recently published memoir was a frequent attendee at high society parties, and she herself attended Marlborough College, whose alumni include Includes Princess Eugenie and the Duchess of Cambridge. , Plus, playing a young Camilla Shand, later the Duchess of Cornwall, in two seasons of “The Crown” wouldn’t have hurt.

Earlier this year, more details were revealed. Describing the film as “a beautifully twisted tale of privilege and desire”, its official synopsis reads: “Set in the 2000s and filmed on location in the UK, it centers on Oliver Quick (Barry Keoghan), a student struggling to find his place at Oxford University. She finds herself attracted to the charming and aristocratic Felix Catton (Jacob Elordi), who invites her to his eccentric family’s sprawling Saltburn estate for an unforgettable summer., The storyline has been compared to “Bridesmaid Revisited”, as is the mysterious sunlit image revealed on 7 August.

Margot Robbie is among the producers.

MRC is the studio behind the film, and Margot Robbie and her husband, Tom Ackerley’s company LuckyChap Entertainment, is in charge of production. From funding “Yo, Tonya” and “Promising Young Woman” to the current blockbuster “Barbie,” LuckyChap has an impressive track record despite being in existence for less than a decade.

This film will hit the screens sooner than you imagine. Principal photography on “Saltburn” began last summer in the UK and it’s set to hit theaters this fall: November 24, to be exact, which puts it squarely into 2024 awards season.

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