“We are committed to the concept of well-being 360 to take care of our comprehensive health”

Interview. We analyze the health and well-being strategies of Liberty Seguros: “We are committed to the concept of 360 well-being to take care of our comprehensive health”


Health and welfare They have been placed at the center of every organization. A challenge that is the order of the day, especially after the pandemic, and whose relevance has come to stay within organizations and leadership and business management styles. From the hand of Nadia Gutirrez, PRL and wellness technician at Liberty Seguros Spainwe have analyzed the health and wellness strategies for employees launched by large companies such as Liberty Seguros. A company that was also awarded at the Last edition of the ‘Health and Company RRHHDigital Awards’ last December, for the project presented based on the welfare policies implemented by the company.

In this interview for RRHDigitalNadia Guitirrez made it clear that “the well-being of people is a priority for Liberty Seguros”. In this sense, Nadia refers to the award obtained in the last ‘Health and Business Awards’ organized by RRHHDigital, of which she admits, they feel very proud: “We are very proud to have received this award since it recognizes the best initiatives in health promotion. We love being able to celebrate it with our colleagues, since many of the practices that we promote every day with them have been recognized. It is a boost to continue celebrating the steps we are taking together, always putting people first”.

A more than deserved recognition due to its strong commitment to the health and well-being of its employees and the policies and strategies carried out, especially in the wake of the pandemic, through a 360 philosophy.

“At Liberty Seguros we always bet on the concept of 360 wellness to take care of our comprehensive health”

In this sense, one of the main challenges that Liberty Seguros and, in general, all companies in Spain have faced, has been that of guarantee the well-being of employees after the implementation of teleworking. In this sense, Nadia tells us how they have worked to go from challenge to opportunity: “At Liberty Seguros a year ago we signed a telecommuting agreement that gives us the possibility of working 100% of the time, but also choosing whether we want to go to the office 1 or 2 days a week if we wish. This model has been built based on people’s feedback and has allowed us to increase our flexibility options. With this model, we focus our priorities on the well-being of people in this new digital environment and, for this, we have to continue working on maintaining spaces to be able to take care of ourselves, develop ourselves and connect with each other”.

Don’t miss the full interview Nadia Gutirrez, OHS and wellness technician at Liberty Seguros Spain!

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