We are getting closer to the possibility of interstellar travel: this is the key

01.07.2024 at 16:10


Recent Study NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers new methodology for calculating timing transformations in multi-vehicle systemssuch as spaceships and rovers, is crucial for interstellar navigation.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, both speed and gravity affect the passage of time, and these variations must be calculated accurately to avoid errors in the ships’ trajectories. For example, the Voyager probes had to take these effects into account during their journey beyond the solar system.

The study suggests that Relativistic time transformations must be incorporated into spacecraft software to establish communication with Earth and maintain the accuracy of their trajectories.. Traditionally, the reference has been the barycentric coordinates of the solar system, a system that uses the center of mass of the solar system to vary with the positions of the planets. This method has allowed spacecraft such as Pioneer and Voyager to navigate accurately through space.

Due to the upcoming Artemis III mission and plans to establish a permanent base on the Moon. NASA also offers a lunar-centric reference system (LCRS).. These new timing frameworks will ensure precise synchronization between landers, rovers and spacecraft orbiting the Moon, facilitating autonomous navigation and operations. LCRS is required for place resources and perform actions such as mining lunar ice.which marked a decisive step for future exploration both inside and outside the solar system.

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