“We are interested, we will make a call to the president of Victoria”


The talented player Victory, alexy vegais the biggest attraction in the Honduran soccer transfer market prior to the start of Clausura 2023.

The left-footed winger is being fought for Olimpia and Motagua in Tegucigalpa, although the first so-called big club to be interested in the 26-year-old footballer was Marathón.

President Orinson Amaya revealed that once the last Apertura tournament ended, they launched an offer to the Ceiba club for the attacker’s services.

– What happened to Alexy Vega that they had it fixed? –they consulted him on the radio program Minute 90.

“Not so fixed, we just finished the tournament, we made a proposal to the president (Javier Cruz), but obviously we did not reach the numbers he wants. If he allows me the opportunity to receive a call from me, we can negotiate it. I am interested in the player, as long as the economic conditions can be adapted to what we can pay, I think that Marathón can also make an offer”, said the Purslane chief, who when questioned about the 3 million lempiras that the milkmen, commented the following.

“Everyone puts a price on the player, it has to be for something, we have a value that we could offer, but not an amount like that,” he said.

Orison commented that the president “we will make a call later (laughs), to see if we can get into that. I would be interested because Professor Salomón Nazar already knows him, but the first thing would be to talk to the president of Victoria ”.

Regarding the frustrated negotiations with striker Yeison Mejía, Amaya replied that “we made him a very good offer, but obviously since he had played for Real España, he encouraged him to sign with them. I hope he does very well in the United States and represents Honduras well.”

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