‘We are watching Broadway in Mexico’: Ocesa Teatro celebrates 25 years

Mexico City.- With a special function of the musical Aladdinwhich completes 225 performances, the company ocesa theater celebrates 25 years of musical theater tonight, in which they have given more than nine thousand performances with 25 large-format musicals, seen by more than 8 million spectators.

This story began on May 8, 1997 with the premiere of Beauty and the Beast in the restored Teatro Orfeón, where they sold 650,000 tickets, recalled one of its founders, Federico Gonzalez Compean at a virtual press conference.

The producer responded as they have reached their first 25 years.

“Here things are fulfilled, with professionalism, with commitment, so that the public knows that what they are seeing is a quality production; there is no skimping to gain one more peso, there are no savings. The public comes first and at Ocesa Teatro we continue with that commitment, what you are seeing avoids the passport, but you are watching Broadway in Mexico we do not promise something that we cannot fulfill, and I think that is what has kept us 25 years and this number of 8 million tickets sold. What we promise happens.”

González Compeán pointed out that in this sense “the jewel in the crown is The Lion King”, whose assembly lasted several years and sold one million 100 thousand tickets. He also emphasized original national productions such as Kiss Me a lotwhich arose from the writing of the script, or the Spanish Today I can not get updirected by Nacho Cano, who introduced the now very successful Alan Estrada, Fernanda Castillo and Luis Gerardo Méndez.

In the talk with the media the actor was also connected Allan Estradaone of the special guests at the anniversary performance of Ocesa Teatro, who shared anecdotes about his time with this company, whose learning led him to stage his own play currently on the billboard.

The rigor and respect for the public is part of what he learned:

“Two pillars form this theater, the artistic and the operational, the rigor, the discipline; but above all a deep respect for the public. What Ocesa has achieved is a seal of guarantee, any production that you go to see you know is well done, that it has a first-world level, that you are going to see the best that there is in our country”.

“We have changed lives”

Like Alan Estrada’s, other careers stood out after having their first opportunity at Ocesa Teatro, Bianca Marroquín, Carlos Rivera or Mauricio Martínez, to mention just a few.

Morris Gilbert, producer of these 25 musicals, highlighted three fundamental moments:

The assembly of The Phantom of the Opera, “Because we were truly ignorant, then we learned a lot and ended up training other Latin companies, which makes a perfect closed circle”. Difficulties in bringing costumes to Mexico.

The most difficult cast: the second set of The Miserables because the director was very young and he was terrified of Cameron Macintosh so he was hesitant to choose the cast.

The risk of betting on Bianca Marroquín in Chicago and Danna Paola in wicked.

“Every time we raise the curtain we take a risk.”

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The challenge of overcoming the pandemic

Finally, Julieta González pointed out that we must not forget the enormous challenge that the closure and subsequent reopening due to the pandemic meant, while Broadway continued to be closed for more than a year, in Mexico in the same 2020 it premiered Ghost, the shadow of lovewhich had to overcome the pandemic with a difficult and interrupted season.

“Ocesa was the first company that opened in November 2020, it was a tremendous challenge, to open with a new musical.”

Tonight Ocesa Teatro celebrates 25 years of Broadway in Mexico with 225 performances of Aladdin and the Godfathers Bianca Marroquin, Roberto Blandon, Alan Estrada and Michelle Rodriguez.


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