‘We cannot accept that a crime be validated,’ says Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer from Chile, about the Byron Castillo case | Soccer | Sports

Eduardo Carlezzo, a lawyer for the Chilean ANFP, insists that there is documentation that proves irregularities in Byron Castillo’s nationality and, therefore, hopes that Ecuador receives the “toughest” sanction from FIFA, because it cannot, according to his criterion, “validate a crime.”

“Chilean soccer is clear that a serious offense has been committed by the player (Byron Castillo). We have no doubt, with the documentation we have in hand, [de] that he is Colombian. We have a narrative that has a beginning, a middle and an end,” the lawyer told radio DNA.

“I’m sure [de] that FIFA has knowledge and the need to speed up this very quickly. For this week we expect a demonstration (pronouncement of the body) ”, he added.

Carlezzo indicated that there is a “chain of events” that ends in the “epicenter of document falsification in Ecuadorian soccer; from there many of the forgeries began”.

“The Civil Registry of Ecuador declares in a legal ruling, which we have and that we sent to FIFA, that Castillo’s departure certificate does not exist; and, if it doesn’t exist, it’s fake,” he stated.

The Brazilian stated that there should be no “shame” on the part of Chile in the event that there is a favorable pronouncement on its aspirations to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar by administrative means.

“We have a direct interest and we are very transparent. Chile is the main interested party, and there is no shame in that. Shame on someone who puts a player with an adulterated document, ”he specified.

Carlezzo expressed that there is a “technical basis” to remove the Tricolor from the World Cup event, and estimated that there should be a “hard” sanction from FIFA for Ecuador.

“We cannot validate that a Federation accepts and validates a crime. They deserve the harshest sanction from FIFA”, concluded the lawyer. (D)

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