“We can’t be such a good person with this rat, he’s a hormonal dwarf who owes Barça his life”


The old directive Barcelonamanaged by Josep Maria Bartomeudid not show respect towards the stars of the club and the messages that were sent by WhatsApp show insults and alleged blackmail, in particular from Leo Messi. Pique Y Busquets They were also attacked.

Barcelona pronounces on Messi’s contract leak

In these chats that are uncovered through some captures of the Mossosspoke openly Roman Gomez Ponti, who was the head of Barça’s legal services. In some conversations they intervened bartomeu, oscar grau, oriol tomas, Jordi Moix Y David Bellver.

The day that The world published details of the actual contract of Messi, the WhatsApp group of the last directive was out of control, in particular about the origin of the leak. Was when Gomez Ponti attacks the Argentine, precisely on January 31, 2021, all of them already out of the club.

Gómez Ponti lashed out at Messi in his days as a Barcelona manager.

Among other things, it reveals a supposed message from Messi to the president in which he tells him during the pandemic that he can touch the salary of the other players, but that he does not touch his or that of Luis Suarez.

“Barto, really, you can’t be such a good person with this sewer rat. The club has given him everything and he has dedicated himself to marking a dictatorship of transfers, transfers, renewals, sponsors just for him, etc. I will never be able to do it, but to the figures of his contract we would have to add Pinto, the renewal of Suárez, and that of Jordi Alba, or the renewal commission for Fati (Rodrigo Messi, agent? But if he doesn’t even know how to read and on top of that partnered with a drug dealer). And above all the accumulation of blackmail and rudeness that the club and those of us who work have suffered from this hormonal dwarf who owes Barça his life. Oh! But when things go wrong (pandemic) you receive the mythical WhatsApp: ‘President, lower the salaries of others, but don’t touch Luis and me’. I hope it marches among the indifference of the people, which is the worst thing that can happen to it (one more pesetero)”, was the message from Ponti in the group.

“Yes”, he nods Grau. bartomeu he extends a little more: “I agree on many things, but first Barça and this type of article hurts the image of the club”.

Gómez Ponti's message to Bartomeu criticizing Messi's attitude at Barcelona.


In conversations, oriol tomas speculates that Joan Laportawho was on the electoral campaign, was the author of the leak. bartomeu He is suspicious, although everyone seems to agree that it is a way to force his departure and thus “save 120 kilos.”

“Many times we have listened to Leo, not always, but many times, and this contract without a pandemic was totally acceptable,” he admits bartomeu. He also stresses that it represented 15% of the budget and that “it was correct considering everything he generates.”


With all of them still in the club, the debacle against the bayern (2-8). Gomez Ponti he is angry with Pique after he said that leadership changes were needed. “You need to have few scruples and be a huge hiccup of a bitch,” the former manager explodes.

It’s crazy: the incredible salary that Messi had at FC Barcelona

“Under your leadership, the club must face the drastic reduction in the salary mass of the first football team, and even more so after the unpresentable, despicable and disgusting attitude of a staff of spoiled and insensitive millionaires who have refused to agree with the club on the minimum measures to ensure our economic viability, regardless of the suffering of the people”, he tells Ponti a bartomeu in the middle of the pandemic crisis.

Sergio Busquets also receives darts from Ponti. He advises the former president to dismiss “those players who have no market and cannot be transferred (Busquets can be an excellent example) to dismiss them with minimal compensation and forget that they have gone through the club for being unsupportive.”

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