We can’t imagine ‘Euphoria’ without Zendaya, but we almost didn’t see her as Rue

In the history of cinema and television, there will always be different characters with whom we will ratify that, had they been played by other characters, we probably would never have liked them so much. Because the seventh art and all the industry that happens to it focuses on making real what on many occasions can be totally implausible, thanks to the development of roles full of nuances. However, in addition to its script, the merit is always attributed to its interpreters, who put a voice and a face to situations that become risky.

This is the case of Rue Bennet, the protagonist of euphoria, that Zendaya embodies on screen and that, throughout the two seasons of the series (available on HBO Max), has shown us to be incombustible and to have no end in any of the possible senses. The truth is that thanks to this role, the also protagonist of ‘Spiderman: Homecoming’ He has begun to carve out a promising future for himself in the seventh art and he has done so precisely because he is capable of transforming himself when he is in front of the cameras. However, this was something that they doubted from the casting direction of the aforementioned series.

Zendaya characterized as Rue in the 2nd season of ‘Euphoria’. | hbo max

Nobody would say it after the great success that the episodes of both editions have had, which seems to be repeated in the next chapters, in which the story between Rue and Jules, played by Hunter Schafer, will be told. However, it has transpired that Zendaya almost stayed at the gates of the character with whom It has established itself in the industry precisely because of its inexperience with the reality that the protagonist of ‘Euphoria’ lives. yesAccording to the casting director of the series, Meredith Tucker, having the actress was always in the mind of this production department, but there was the possibility that another person would secure that role.

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And it is that what was really sought was an actress who had not played many roles before and who would have had a life similar to Rue’s, with the aim of making her feelings more credible in the different scenes of the series. However, as Tucker has confessed, this fact became a contradiction, since due to this previous experience, the other actress would not be able to cope with Rue’s emotional burden. “She was a magical person, but we didn’t know if she could control that resistance necessary for the character”Tucker commented.

A still from a special episode of the series ‘Euphoria’ with Zendaya (Rue), right, and Hunter Schafer (Jules), | HBO

Finally it was the creator of the series, Sam Levinson, who recommended Zendaya for this role, something that, by the way, was a sure hit. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that the casting director has commented in this interview for ‘Variety’ that she almost hunter schafer she almost lost her role in the series, as the actress initially rejected the producer’s offer. She did it because, before becoming an actress, she dedicated herself exclusively to modeling, so at first she she did not feel entirely comfortable to appear on screen.

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