We could shape the flaccid and flat butt and have it firmer and more toned with this cheap item and some easy exercises.

That time of year has come when we think about joining the gym. We asked about subscriptions and we are almost close to a choice. But that little voice in our heads keeps telling us to save and use that money for something else. In the end we will do as always, after a couple of weeks we will give up, for one commitment or another.

So, to run for cover and get back in shape before the summer we will have to do it alone. Exercises at home or outdoors to regain shape and give more tone to the body. Especially to the buttocks, in view of the summer and the more tight-fitting clothes.

We could shape the flaccid and flat butt and have it firmer and more toned with this cheap item and some easy exercises.

We’ve already talked about how it might be possible to reduce the hateful flabby arms with the bat effect. Today we will see how a few simple exercises that everyone can do could help your glutes.

The accessory that cannot be missing

When exercising indoors or outdoors we prefer not to use weights or other equipment. Bodyweight exercises are among the most popular for this reason too, you don’t need to go to the gym or spend money. But if we really want to have more noticeable results, we will need a little help. The accessory to buy is the elastic. Super cheap, you can buy it online or in sports equipment stores. With a few euros our exercises will be even more effective and we will have firmer buttocks for the summer.

The first exercise consists of standing abductions, which will be repeated 15 times per leg. The term seems incomprehensible, but it is a movement that moves a limb away from the midline of the body. Standing, legs slightly apart, insert the elastic band from below and place it just above the knees. Hands on hips, torso slightly bent forward, hammer foot and we raise the leg sideways. The elastic will create resistance, increasing tension and the muscle will work better.

Side step squat

Squats are among the most popular and fundamental exercises for those who practice the gym. Same starting position, but this time arms in front of the torso and we hold a bottle in our hands. Let’s bend over, keeping the back straight and squat normally. But, instead of repeating the same movement right away, we do another one with a side step. And then we return to the starting position, doing a squat. We repeat 12 times, but 6 will be fine to start with.

Finally, a ground exercise. Belly under and arms crossed under the face. Still with the elastic just above the knee, we raise the feet to form a right angle. We lift first one leg and then the other, without changing the angle of the knees. We repeat 15 times per leg, or 10 if we are beginners.

In short, we could model the flaccid and flat bottom thanks to an accessory that costs a maximum of 10 euros, which could help us. We repeat the series 3 times and do it at least once a week, we will immediately see the results.


3 quick and easy exercises to do at home to be toned, elastic and firm even after the age of 50

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