“We don’t hire anyone because we have too many ‘followers'”

Are number one in your profession, Yolanda Serrano and Eva Lira have chosen courier Of movies As ‘8 Basque Surnames,pain and glory‘ And ‘as long as the war lasts‘, and the series were successful like ‘Elite’ and ‘La Casa de Papel’. Directors rely on their eyes to find talent and actors kill themselves to enter castings called by their agency.

Tarantino believes that 80% of a film is its actors.

-And. S: There are directors who value actors more than other aspects, but they all appreciate the peace of mind of being on set, knowing they got what they dreamed of. We never stop being storytellers, and the nuances of the stories are given by the actors. It is another film with another actor.

They have to like people watching.

He: Absolutely. For this job, you have to be interested in people: in the bar, on the subway… you’re putting together the cast of a movie and suddenly you see someone who fits in and you keep track until follow until you find the possibility to take him to the other side…

YS: I might stop at a restaurant table because the person next to me speaks a certain way. This is a problem for our social life.

Does giving a card to a stranger on the street only happen in movies?

YS: No We have cards, if you really like someone you can’t afford not to call them. It’s so easy to find you online now, earlier it was more difficult for them to trust you. Are there any popular actors who got discovered like this?

He: Like many people discovered at the casting, Jesús Carroza came out of an institution. For example, for the series about La Veneno we had to look at areas where people don’t consider becoming actors. Yolanda, you were going to be an actress. Is there a thorn in you? -I studied philology and dramatic arts in Zaragoza and came to Madrid to continue my path as an actress. But I have removed all the thorns. I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful directors and I reply to wonderful actors. I work a lot as an actress.

Eva, his mother is Manuela Carmena. Have you ever felt like a judge condemning an actor for doing or not doing a film?

Absolutely. From a director’s point of view, we are part of a gear and you have to give it what it needs. It has happened to us many times that we have found an amazing actor who is not selected for that project, but is selected for a later project. If not today, maybe tomorrow yes.

YS: We feel responsible for making the casting as professional and enjoyable as possible for everyone who attends, and not the dreaded place it is often made out to be. However like other jobs it is still a selection process.

Do all actors pass a casting test, even stars like Javier Bardem or Penelope Cruz?

He: It depends on the project. There are specific cases in which a person making the payment is required to take the test, for example if he is an international director. There are veteran actors who regret that they are now hired based on the number of followers they have on social networks.

YS: This is giving very little value to our work. We never hire anyone because they have too many ‘followers’. It’s like everything, your success as a singer doesn’t guarantee success as an actor. People are very smart. It is true that social networks help you meet people you might not have been able to find before; First there were ‘books’ and now there is the internet. We have kids and they teach us things, there are so many talented people out there. But to think that because you have many ‘followers’ they will watch your series…

He: The reality is that actors with millions of followers have them because they have been in blockbuster projects.

YS: Nobody knew in ‘La Casa de Papel’ and ‘Elite’, became popular in a minute

To what extent does it matter that they like the actor?

YS: In any other kind of work, you would not ask me this question. Do you want a professional doctor to operate on you or your favorite doctor? You don’t cast an actor because then you’ll go out for drinks with him. We all like to spend life with nice people, but just because they are nice, you will not choose them.

Would you dare to name a movie with the wrong cast?

YS: No haha. We can say that there is wrong casting in this and we are wrong. It’s like a delicious meal from a chef you don’t like.


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