Drake: We finally know who the mysterious Kiki is

“Kiki, do you love me?” For those who know, the mystery has always been totally on the identity of this famous Kiki. The song was released in the middle of a tangle between Kanye West and the Canadian rapper and the whole internet absolutely wanted to know who Drake was talking about.

Drake had managed to keep the mystery long enough, the theme had been well talked about elsewhere. Even Snoop Dogg joined in the debate saying it was Kim Kardashian, the piece having been released in full confusion between Kanye West and the Canadian rapper. And he wasn’t the only one to think so.

The real Kiki

It was during his Ovo Festival that Drake dropped the song on stage. That evening was also legendary with the arrival of Nelly Furtado and Drizzy who was over-excited by his presence. Drake continues the evening by announcing the next guest, or rather, a certain Keshia Chanté.

“The next person to take the stage, at the time I would take my mother’s car and drive all over town to see her, so I have to introduce her personally. She’s my very first girlfriend, a true legend, a person I love with all my heart. Make some noise for Keisha Chanté”

A reunion that made the crowd a little crazy, the young woman, the singer also performed one of her songs and posted a photo on Instagram shortly after the evening with the caption:

“Legendary nights in Toronto. I’ve never seen the city come together like this! That was it. A dream that only @champagnepapi could achieve. The most heartfelt and meaningful introduction I’ve ever had”


And no longer any doubt, she even renamed herself “KIKI” on Instagram, we can OVO fans were also treated to a concert by Chris Brown and Lil Baby on the same stage, it was really the evening not to be missed.

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