“We have to return the power to the common people”

Anaheim, California.- Diego Luna is happy to return to the skin of “Captain Cassion Andor” character that he played in the film “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” (2016), and that this August 31 will premiere the first season of his own series on Disney +, under the title of “Andor”.

The actor, who appeared a few days ago at the Cannes Festival, landed in California to be present at the activities of “Star Wars: Celebration” and spoke with EL UNIVERSAL about the intention that the series that will star as a voice for the people common.

“I am very happy and I want to say that first of all I greet Mexico, whom I invite to watch this series. I think it is very important to tell this story, because it reminds us that we are all capable. “Andor” starts very far from the character we met in “Rogue On”‘ and what it is about is tracing that arc towards that maximum sacrifice for the cause, “said Luna.

The series will take place five years before the events that the public could see in “Rogue One”, narrating in 12 episodes this 2022 and with a second season scheduled for next year, divided into two parts.

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The Mexican who less than 24 hours ago walked along the French Riviera in the activities of the Cannes International Festival, also expressed before an audience of fans of “Star Wars Celebration”: “for me the story of ‘Star Wars’ has to do with ordinary people. And it’s about the power we have and the awakening we deserve.”

Among the voices that celebrated the protagonist of “Y tu madre tú” and “Narcos: México”, is the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Keenedy, who told this newspaper: “it has been a great pleasure working with Diego. Besides that he is a very handsome actor. I think we feel the sacrifice that “Cassian Andor” makes for the galaxy because Diego Luna interprets it in a wonderful way.”

Added to the praise for Luna’s work was the creator of “Andor” and co-writer of “Rogue One”, Tony Gilroy, nominated for two Oscars for his film “Michael Clayton”: “Diego is the best. We met when we did “Rogue One” when I was a co-writer. For this story, you need an actor who is a gentleman in real life, with a rebellious spirit and who is also a great actor. I would not have dared to do the series without him, “he shared.

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