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Trills of the representative to the Chamber of Risaraldense Aníbal Hoyos, in which he expresses his concern about the National Games of the Coffee Region scheduled for November and December of this year.

Concern for the Games

Pereira. The representative to the Liberal House of Risaralda, Aníbal Hoyos Franco, was very concerned about the departure of the leadership of the 2023 National Sports Games of Jhon Jairo Velásquez, also from Risaralda, to whom the Minister of Sports, María Isabel Urrutia, allegedly did not attend. . According to the parliamentarian, the backlog of the scenarios is worrisome in Quindío, where seven civil works contracts have not been awarded. There are those who think that the Coffee Region could lose its headquarters.

full reservoirs

Medellin. In December, the aggregate level of the electrical energy generation reservoirs was 79% of the useful volume, 8.1 points below the level reported at the end of November 2022 (87.1%) and 11.2 points per above the same month in 2021 (67.8%). On the other hand, the contributions for the month of December were 8.7% above the historical average.

Ready for registrations

Manizales. In Caldas, everything is ready to continue enrollment in official educational institutions, starting on Tuesday, January 10. The Secretary of Education of Caldas, Diana María Cardona García, reported that the work of teachers and teaching directors will begin on Tuesday, while children and young students will start classes on January 23. For this year, it is expected that in Caldas between 79,500 and 80,000 students will enroll in the 162 official educational institutions of the 26 non-certified municipalities.

in Ukraine
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Manizales. The political analyst and columnist from Calda, Jhon Mario González, traveled to Ukraine since the beginning of the year in order to observe first-hand what is happening in the conflict unleashed by the Russian invasion in February of last year. His purpose is to tour the area, have direct contact with the communities that have been soft on the attacks and prepare journalistic reports and analyzes with more objective elements around these events that are causing all kinds of effects in the world.

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