We may soon be back to video games with Shrek

A great return, this time not in the cinema, but in video games! Shrek could be back in a hugely popular video game!

These are golden years for collaborations between the video game industry with a completely different reality. In fact, more and more titles feature settings, skins and characters from various cartoons, anime, films and TV series. Even video games such as Warzone they decided to follow the model of Fortnite, deciding to insert a skin of the Attack of the Giants!

Are you missing your favorite orc? (Source: mosaic-cem.it)

Fortnite, however, on this topic, is a video game of a completely different level. The hugely popular Battle Royale developed by Epic Games holds the record for the quantity of skins and collaborations with various realities. Indeed in the game you can use skin of all genres, such as those of: Ariana Grande, Lebron James, Rick Sanchez, Naruto, Spiderman, Thor, Superman and many, many more! In fact, many Halo Infinite players are leaving the Fortnite title for a particular reason!

This time around though, he’s a much loved character from one tale not really traditional that is about to return as a skin in Fortnite. Being so ironic and counter-current is one of the reasons that made him really popular and known, we’re talking about Shrek!

Shrek is about to return to Fortnite!

From now that Fortnite’s enemy has become a free video game, it’s time for Epic to beef up once again, its already huge collection of skin. This time around, however, Epic may decide to add many characters coming from different universes.

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Fortnite skins are more and more! (Source: epicgames.com)

To tell this eventuality is Xbox Era Nick Baker, who has decided to circulate a particular news: Epic Games would have made an agreement with Paramount. This agreement opens up many possibilities for the well-known Battle Royale, relying on a huge amount of new characters, like Shrek, the Ninja Turtles, Sponge Bob and many more!

This collaboration could bring a breath of fresh air to Fortnite, managing to create many new content based on the new characters. In fact, the Fortnite community is perhaps one of the most creative of the gaming world, always ready to create themed levels and fun videos.

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What do you think of it? Would you like to return in the shoes of Shrek to be able to kick Light blue Prince and run away with Fiona? This time, however, not Far Far Away, but on the island of Fortnite!

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