we meet Briar, the new champion

September 13th will be Briar’s landing day in League of Legends: This Noxian creature born to kill will be the next playable character to be added to Riot’s beloved title.

what do we know about Heather? We know that he is a mad creature, driven by a thirst for blood and a desire to kill without mercy. This great madness of his is also reflected in the move set, which we are going to discover today.

Let’s check the abilities that distinguish Briar, the new Noxian heroine coming to League of Legends:

  • passive ability: Crimson Curse
    Blood is literally your lifeblood – killing or damaging enemies will give you a small boost to your healing.
  • skill q: head race
    Briar will vehemently leap at her enemies, damaging, stunning, or breaking their armor. The effect of this skill will be greater if it is used during his “Blood Frenzy”.
  • Ability: Blood Frenzy/SNACK Attack
    A true ecstasy of pure power: Briar begins to relentlessly attack everything around her (prioritizing Champions) and all her stats are boosted: increased speed, attack, and area of ​​damage.

    The SNAK Attack, on the other hand, allows you to recover health based on the damage dealt to your opponents.

  • ability my: Chilling scream
    Briar channels her energy into a powerful scream that damages and slows nearby enemies. Again, for each enemy damage, Briar recovers a small amount of health.
  • capacity R: Sure death
    Briar selects an opponent and attacks it: it will chase its prey to death.

    As a reminder, Briar arrives with the new League of Legends update scheduled for September 13th.

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