We often take them for granted but these are the 5 foods with the most vitamin D for a lively and pain-free summer

The number 1 ally of health is certainly nature, which for each season offers foods capable of providing the body with what it needs. This is why following a healthy and varied diet is essential to provide all the nutrients to meet the physiological needs. As well as to reduce the risk of serious health problems. Vitamins are of great importance to our body as they are essential for its proper functioning. They are different organic substances, essential because they cannot be synthesized by the body.

They act in minimal doses and favor the development of many biological processes. Vitamin deficiency can sometimes lead to serious health damage. For example, vitamin A deficiency could lead to vision problems, bone pain and infections. Indeed, according to a study, a lack of vitamins B1 and B12 could lead to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s. Vitamin D is also very important for our health, as it is a regulator of calcium metabolism and is useful in calcifying bones.

We often take them for granted but these are the 5 foods with the most vitamin D for a lively and pain-free summer

A lack of vitamin D can negatively affect bone calcification by causing rickets in children, bone deformities of various kinds and osteomalacia. This condition occurs when the bone structure is externally intact but has insufficient mineral content inside. Vitamin D deficiency can therefore cause joint pain, bone pain, muscle weakness, brittle bones and teeth resulting in fractures.

Vitamin D is synthesized by our body through exposure to the sun’s rays and is contained only in some foods. Certain behaviors or bad habits could cause it to be deficient. For example, lack of exposure to sunlight, alcohol abuse or the use of certain medications. Therefore, if you are not so fond of the sun, you could bring foods rich in vitamin D to the table.

We often take them for granted but these products stand out for having an excellent vitamin D content which is good for the bone system. In addition to being rich in many omega 3. That is essential polyunsaturated fats very important for the development of the nervous system and for the prevention of diseases of the circulatory system. In this way, in addition to bones, arteries and heart can also be kept healthy. They are cod liver oil, blue fish, in particular a herring contains about 45 mg, anchovies, egg yolk and oysters.


Here is the secret to getting a lot of vitamin D in one dish against weakness and pain

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