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Serie A asks the government to reopen 100% of the stadiums for those with Green Pass: Football is an incredible social flywheel and when we allow our fans with green passes to access the stands, we would make a decisive contribution

Football is an impressive social tool. Let’s work together with the government to speed up the vaccination campaign and bring people back to the stadium. Paolo Dal Pino, president of the A League, underlines the role of glue of football, a sector that attracts the interest of 38 million people. With a slice of the population that still appears skeptical of the effectiveness of vaccines, Dal Pino applies the ball to an important, functional role, an incentive to overcome the resistance of the most doubtful. 37 days before the start of the new season the goal plan the reopening of the plants, safely and in compliance with protocols.

President, why should politics pick up your cry of pain when new variants of the virus are spreading?
The Serie A League with all 20 clubs, the Football Association, have sent letters to the institutions asking for the return of 100% of the spectators to the matches. Not a crazy request: let’s push Italians to get vaccinated since so far only 45 percent of the population over 12 years of age has done so. Football an incredible social flywheel and at the moment when allow our fans equipped with Green pass to access the stands, we would make a decisive contribution to securing the whole country.

Do the institutions seem deaf to your invocations?
I am forced to admit that the previous government showed zero sensitivity to the criticisms put forward by the Serie A League and the Federation. At the time relations were non-existent, now with undersecretary Vezzali they have resumed, not to mention that towards minister Giorgetti there is great appreciation and the figure of Mario Draghi speaks for itself. Institutions must also take into account that football is a multiplier of GDP.

Explain it better.
Success at the Europeans contributed to a boost of 0.7% of GDP. Football has such a social dimension that it is able to create business opportunities for companies.

Do you think that politics has a stricter attitude towards your world than towards cinema?
Absolutely s. Let us say that the demagoguery used by the previous government towards the balloon has done damage. We guarantee an important tax revenue, yet for eighteen months the companies have not had revenues from the box office and the receipts from the sponsors have suffered a drastic drop: we have suffered losses of 1 billion and 200 million euros. Despite this, during the pandemic we have completed, against everyone, it is recognized, and great merit of Gravina, guide of the Football Federation, and of the presidents of serie A, but also of B, two championships, without public. We are now asking for cooperation with the institutions in order to obtain a package of ad hoc fiscal measures, not in a subsidy but in an investment logic.


Meanwhile, in other countries, such as England and Spain, the stadiums are ready to fill up again.
So the gap in our regard will increase. Do we want to talk about infrastructure? Between 2010 and 2020, 153 new stadiums were built in Europe, with 4 million seats for 20 billion in investments. In the ranking there are countries such as Russia, France, Turkey, Germany, Ukraine, but not us, who have to undergo endless bureaucratic passages. Let’s work together on politics to speed up the process and create new job opportunities. After all, football has specific characteristics that no other sector can propose.

A widespread penetration into the territory, an ability to communicate through the clubs, a bond of passion and mutual trust between clubs and fans and a remarkable economic dimension. That’s why in post-pandemic development policy our industry can align itself for a long-term partnership with the government.

Have you already had contact with the CTS?
He is studying the requests of the Serie A League and the Football Association: we are pressing because time is running out and the championship begins on August 22nd.

If the government agreed to the capacity of 50% of the stadiums, would it be satisfied?
No, and I do not see the reason for this possible decision. We are oriented towards 100% capacity.

You contracted Covid in October last year. What lessons did you learn from that damn experience?
The lesson the sense of vulnerability. By character I always have a positive spirit, but at the time a state of anxiety had prevailed, for having infected my family. The pandemic has shown us the need to be supportive, we should think and live less of conflicts, much better to focus on those things for which it is really worth spending energy.

A message for no vaxes?
I understand the reasons of some of them but I believe in science.

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