“We sent a congratulatory message to Rihanna for the Super Bowl”

It’s one of the most popular electro bands on the planet. Major Lazer has been collecting hits for years and intends to continue to do so. The collective led by Diplo, a key figure in musical production, talks to the microphone of Fun Radio about its new title, Koo Koo Fun, on which we find Major League DJz.

The two groups who strongly appreciate each other will also unveil a joint project. “We got together with Diplo in Los Angeles. We’re going to release a joint album called Piano Republic. Last night, there were 32 songs, but ultimately there will be between 5 and 7 on this project”, explained the South African duo at the microphone of Fun Radio.

Asked about Rihanna’s return to the Super Bowl, Diplo said he reached out to the singer by text message to congratulate her. “We sent her a message of congratulations. But she had told us some time before, so we were not surprised by this announcement”. Teased by our host wanting to know if the group participated in the next album of the star, the Major Lazer remained very evasive on the subject. “We’re just friends with her. We can’t talk about it. That’s a bit of a big scoop if we tell you.“, joked the collective. The secret therefore remains whole.

To find out, you will have to be patient, since the 34-year-old singer has not yet revealed a release date for what is probably one of the most anticipated albums of 2023.

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