“We think about these things very seriously,” says Naughty Dog’s Matthew Gallant.

The Last of Us Part 2 Update is one of the first strong games to come out this year, and until its next release in PlayStation 5we had the opportunity to talk with Matthew Gallantcontact the game director for details about its development.

Maximize the story

The original question was about how the game’s development began, and it was noted that it began shortly after. The Last of Us Part Iremake for PlayStation 5. The studio was split into parts, each focusing on key aspects of what they wanted to do with the game, such as new game modes. No refund And Mode without guitarto “find ways to enhance the PlayStation 5 hardware” in terms of settings, textures and resolutions, as well as “taking advantage of additional hardware and fast charging.”

In this piece, he emphasized that haptics helped them “make the game more immersive,” in addition to visuals and sound. “In terms of haptics, we were able to do things as light as walking in the rain in Seattle or petting a dog. It was very exciting for us to create such an immersive, beautiful and detailed game and bring it to the maximum on PS5.”

What does it take to make a game at Naughty Dog?

One of the elements that excited Matthew the most was the conversation about lost levels, which he considered a “great behind-the-scenes” part of the game. Naughty Dog wants to show the process of creating levels and their function: “Levels exist to serve a purpose in the story, and can add or subtract from the pacing.” In addition to these videos, accompanied by an introduction by Neil explaining the intentions and reasons behind the creative decisions as to why the levels were cut, in many cases there were two narratives that were meant to be together, but these sections kept the pacing going, or it was necessary. for the player will reach another part. “It’s fun to think about the multiverse of all the possible ways this game could go,” says Matthew. “I hope the players will understand that we take these things very seriously.”

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No return, for combat lovers

Finally, we asked about the development of No Return, which Matthew says is driven by the explosion of creativity in the roguelike genre in recent years, as well as for those players who have played every fight in the game 20 times and want new challenges and surprises. . “Roguelikes are a very high-level, flexible structure in which you can do a lot of different things. We felt that the mechanics of The Last of Us had a lot of resonance between what we love about The Last of Us’ combat and what Roguelike does well. The next time you play, you’ll discover some combination of mechanics that you may not have seen before, and maybe some combinations will interact in ways you didn’t expect.”

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