‘We want light’: Cubans get tired and go out to protest after two days of widespread blackout

In the midst of a widespread blackout that has lasted two days, Cubans went out to protest on the Hill, as seen in several videos circulating on social networks..

The doctor based in Spain, Luis Enrique Nodarse, shared on his Facebook account five videos about a demonstration on a street in the Havana municipality of Cerro.

5 small videos from a couple of hours ago, on the Hill… women, as always, breastfeeding! They blocked the street and…

Posted by Lucio Enriquez Nodarse on Thursday, September 29, 2022

“Five small videos from a couple of hours ago, on the Hill. Women, as always, breastfeeding,” explains Nordarse.

In the images, a significant number of people are seen along the two sidewalks and blocking the street. Those blocking the street can be heard clearly shouting “we want light”.

“People are already tired, brother, it’s the same and the same,” a Cuban who is near the person recording the video is heard saying. “It’s grinding and grinding, it’s too much already. Here there is no revolution or anything, here what there is is a repression or involution and repression, it’s the only thing there is.”

A similar protest took place in the municipality of Arroyo Naranjo, where residents also demanded electricity to the rhythm of a conga, in the middle of a cacerolazo, as seen in a video shared on Facebook by a user identified as Jonatha Cortador. The demonstrators also shout “we want the light”.

Arroyo Naranjo in the street, this is over, the end of the tyranny is coming. #CubaPaLaCalle

Posted by Jonatha Cortador on Thursday, September 29, 2022

On Tuesday, September 27, the technical director of the Electric Union (UNE), Lázaro Guerra Hernández, reported that a fault in the SEN, which caused “zero electricity generation” and consequently a general blackout throughout Cuba.

Although yesterday afternoon the UNE said that it had begun to provide service to part of the consumers in 12 provinces of the country, to many Cubans the blackout was not over today, Thursday.

The lack of electricity has caused many to spoil the food in the refrigerator. Those who cook with gas can avoid it by boiling the meat, as several interviewed by DIARIO DE CUBA have done, but those who also depend on electricity to cook do not have that option.

In this situation, the official press is dedicated to highlighting the Government’s concern for advancing in the country’s recovery and to justify the problems, but the population seems to have tired of explanations.

Another video, posted on Twitter by Cuban influencer Paparazzi and shared by user Victor M. Dueñas, shows a crowd of Cubans booing officials of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) from Surgidero in the street in Batabanó.

Among the officials, presumably was Miguel Díaz-Canelaccording to the Dueñas post.

“Cubans boo and expel Canel along with other PCC officials from Surgidero Batabanó,” Dueñas tweeted when sharing the video.

These are not the only protests that the prolonged general blackout has caused, which has already ended for a part of Cubans, but continues for many. DIARIO DE CUBA was able to verify that, at dawn on Wednesday, a group of Cubans took to the streets in the El Cocal neighborhood, in the Holguin municipality of Mayarí.

A police agent sent to quell the demonstration told DIARIO DE CUBA that no one was arrested, because the people dispersed as soon as the security forces appeared.

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