We were in a riding stable. Then the blind fury

In Argentina, the first interview of Wanda Nara was broadcast since the triangle between her, Icardi and ‘China’ Suarez exploded. The showgirl told everything, from the moment of the discovery of the affair onwards.

Highly anticipated, in the Italian night it went on the air the first televised interview of Wanda Nara since the beginning of the scandal of Mauro Icardi’s betrayal. The 34-year-old showgirl received Susana Gimenez in Paris, a very popular Argentine presenter who recorded the exclusive chat in a hotel in the French capital, with the Eiffel Tower in the background. To understand how much hype preceded Wanda’s first public release but also how much she capitalized it, only part of the interview was aired on Telefe, in prime time. The full version will air for a fee on Paramount Plus and it is no coincidence that it ends up on a network devoted to cinema: what else was the ‘scandalous’ triangle that has been but a drama of feelings and business, horns and reconciliation saw Maurito, Wanda and ‘China’ Suarez involved?

So here is the version of the facts told directly by the voice of the betrayed woman, who ran away (twice) and then returned to her beloved (always twice). Starting with how Wanda Nara discovered the affair: “We are always together, we are a very close family. We were in a riding stable with our two daughters on horseback. A girl who organizes our parties asked me for a photo, I knew they were on Mauro’s phone and when I looked I saw screenshots of a conversation with a very famous woman whose name everyone already knows“. Was Argentine actress Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez, which, moreover, during the whole interview he never mentions.

From there everything exploded, since Wanda wasted no time and gave some “whore“on Instagram to the woman who was trying to seduce her husband and attempt his marriage:”It was obvious that all this was generated, I have already experienced separations with other couples. If you don’t talk, they start inventing. It was my fault, because I uploaded a story before talking to a friend or sister. I’m always on the phone and the first thing that came to my mind was the war. With Mauro we have always shown ourselves everything. I always checked my cell phone and never found anything. We started our relationship as friends. I’ve always told him everything and he everything to me. Footballers need to know that they have the power that any message or reaction from them makes any woman die“.

Wanda and Icardi’s last night in Dubai: “It was unforgettable”

In spite of the image that everyone has of her – as a vamp – Wanda Nara is far from private: “My reaction was a bit ‘macho’. They are very old-fashioned: we are not an open couple. For me, a small message is divorce. The messages said things that a woman with my values ​​would never write and I didn’t expect Mauro not to tell me. We had never had a problem like this“. As for ‘China’ Suarez,”I wasn’t friends with her, but we had a good relationship. At first I blamed the woman for anger, but then I saw that I had nothing with her“. Wanda has unveiled what was her husband’s reaction when she discovered the hot messages I spoke with the actress: “He told me it was nonsense, that it was the mistake of his life. He himself told me that there was a meeting and that it was nothing and it is true that nothing happened. Yes, it looks like she came to Paris. When this happened, I exploded, took the plane and went to my home in Italy. Mauro would have divorced in my place. It was really nothing when you think about it, but for me it was a lot because of the codes we have“.

Wanda also confirmed the phone call with China after the situation has recomposed: “The first thing I did was call her and apologize for the story with that inelegant word. What we talked about will remain between us. For me a message is very serious, no matter if it happened or not. Today I have full faith in Mauro, I could fill this room with 200 women. If I didn’t trust him, I couldn’t continue with him. They said that I have seen other things of Mauro, but there is nothing more false. I swear to my five children that I have never had this kind of problem with him“. As for the Icardi ‘threatens’ to stop playing if Wanda hadn’t forgiven him, she joked about: “It’s true, he told me he wanted to leave PSG but we don’t know if that’s true“.

Then the PSG striker himself entered the set of the interview, who therefore lent himself to the public pillory, evidently convinced with a substantial bonus compared to the amount initially agreed for the interview with Wanda alone. Icardi presented himself dressed in a very informal way: “I didn’t come settled, I came like that“, were the only words spoken by the player in the anticipation of Telefe, a half hour in total. As soon as he sat down, Susana Gimenez announced that the rest of the exclusive will be available on the Paramount Plus platform, therefore for a fee.

In the aired part, Wanda also dedicated nice words to ex-husband Maxi Lopez, confirming that he was very close to her in this difficult juncture of her life: “He behaved well, he offered me his help. The important thing is that he took the boys and kept them out of all this. I thanked him and his partner“So everything now seems to be marked by peace and love in the Icardi home universe: the next step will be to try to get him back to that player who wanted half of Europe.

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