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The most important cryptocurrency, which we know as Bitcoin, has remained above $43,000 since the beginning of March, which is an increase of a large percentage. Despite this, there are investors today who consider that Bitcoin is currently undervalued, especially when you compare the price of digital gold with real gold.

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We are convinced that Bitcoin deserves to be called digital gold. Bitcoin is ancient gold, which is also starting to replace real gold. It is obviously something that by its nature will not always be so, especially when the cryptocurrency is disconnected from the stock market forever.

Bitcoin-BTC Analysis

Bitcoin is once again invaded by poor results in recent hours… The cryptocurrency is plummeting, leaving its prices at values ​​of 41,374.48 dollars. These are falls that reach 4.79% in what are being the last hours, remembering at all times the increases of 6.95% of the recent week. Regarding your data, we are looking at a market volume of the last 24 hours of $26,768,770,154 and a capitalization of about $784,522,114,800.

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Real-time chart of Bitcoin BTCUSD cryptocurrency quotes over a one-day time frame

Right now, everyone is looking at Bitcoin, focusing on it and not taking their eyes off it. The truth is that the current market capitalization of Bitcoin exceeds 827 billion dollars. In the case of gold, it is around 12.3 trillion dollars. This means that the Bitcoin market represents approximately 7% of the gold market.

We can also recognize that Bitcoin is easier to use, buy and sell. Nothing prevents you from changing the amount of cryptocurrencies you want or even paying with cryptocurrencies in the store at any time. In the case of gold, this is impossible and if someone wanted to use the precious metal as a form of payment, they would first have to exchange the entire coin or bullion for cryptocurrencies.


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