Weapons from Romania and the US: this is the arsenal that “El Neto” hid in his cell at Cereso in Ciudad Juárez

When federal forces managed to enter the Ciudad Juárez prison, they found at least 14 weapons in the cell where he was being held. "the net", leader of Los Mexicles.  (Special/Darkroom)
When federal forces managed to enter the Ciudad Juárez prison, they found at least 14 weapons in the cell where “El Neto”, leader of Los Mexicles, was being held. (Special/Darkroom)

The recent escape of 30 inmates from the State Center for Social Reintegration (Cereso) No. 3 of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, not only revealed the brutality with which the criminal group of The Mexiclesbut it made evident the network of corruption in the state penitentiary system.

After the attack in which 17 people died – 10 guards and seven inmates – federal authorities managed to inspect the prison cells. The main finding was the arsenal that hid Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruz, the netleader of the criminal organization.

As reported by elements of the Armed Forces to The newspaper, the net and his companions had the necessary weapons to subdue the prison officers at the moment they wanted.

“They had an arsenal, they had not escaped because they did not want to and they resisted in two areas when we entered after the shooting this morning,” said an informant from the Ninth Motorized Cavalry Regiment.

FA Cugir's PSL-54C sniper has been in production since the 1970s.  (Twitter/@Rusjpa)
FA Cugir’s PSL-54C sniper has been in production since the 1970s. (Twitter/@Rusjpa)

After an inspection of the photographs that revealed the weapons in the possession of the head of Los Mexicles, sources specialized in the analysis of these artifacts detailed the origin and type of rifles, pistols, and shotguns that he kept. the net.

Among these was a rifle PSL-54C sniperalso know as FPK Dragunovmanufactured by the company Fabrica de Arme Cugir (FA Cugir), located in Romania.

Production of this sniper started in 1974 and continues to date. Its proliferation is mainly due to its durability and ease of use. It is presumed that it is a weapon frequently found in areas such as Iraq, due to its resistance to sand and other debris.

Another rifle made by the same Romanian company that was found in the cell of the Net was a AK-47 Underfolder 7.62 x 39 caliber. The cartridges used for this weapon were designed in World War II times and, although they do not have great lethality and range, they are one of the most widely used due to their lightness and size (5.5 centimeters long , approximately).

AK-47 rifles are used by criminal groups due to the lightness of their bullets.  (DARKROOM)
AK-47 rifles are used by criminal groups due to the lightness of their bullets. (DARKROOM)

The vast majority of the weapons found inside Cereso No. 3 in Ciudad Juárez were of American originaccording to specialized sources based in Los Angeles.

They highlighted, for example, two shotguns from the manufacturer mossbergbased in North Haven, Connecticut. the net had a copy of the 500 seriesintroduced to the world of weapons in the 1960s. One of its main characteristics is that its models have interchangeable barrels and are easy to clean and maintain, as they are designed for arduous battle conditions.

On the other hand is the Mossberg 590 Tactical, belonging to a series that appeared in the eighties and was adopted by the US Army for combat operations. It is considered one of the most resistant shotguns in circulation in the world.

Rifles are added to the list of war supplies that the criminal leader had inside the prison. Ruger AR-556 Y Del-Ton’s AR-15Both made in the USA.

The first can equally use .223 Remington and 5.56 cartridges from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and its price, in the manufacturer’s official store, exceeds a thousand dollars in any of the models.

As for the Del-Ton rifle, it is presumably a AR-15 of the ECHO linea cheaper option than the previous one and that uses cartridges of the same caliber, which makes it very versatile and suitable, according to the company itself, “for those with a demanding eye.”

Among the long weapons that the federal forces found in the penitentiary center, a semi-automatic carbine that apparently originated from Yugoslavia. It’s about the Zastava M59/66a Yugoslav version of the SKS rifle which was used by the military during the confrontations that culminated in the dissolution of that republic.

It is presumed that during the time it was manufactured (between 1961 and 1980, approximately) around 250 thousand copies were produced. One of the most distinguished aspects of this rifle, at least during the time it was in circulation, was a bayonet mount which also served as a support for the front sight and the sight of a folding grenade launcher, making it an unusual weapon.

Considering the shorter weapons found in the Juarez penitentiary, the FN PS90 submachine gunmade in the USA by the American headquarters of Factory Nationale (FN) Herstala company established in Belgium.

This is a “capable” and civilian available semi-auto version of the original FN P90, developed since 1990 as a personal defense weapon whose use is currently restricted to members of the US Army. The model found in the cell of the Net It is part of the series that began production in 2005.

The name of this weapon is derived from the initials of the company that distributes it and the decade in which it was included in the war market.

Finally, it was reported that the leader of Los Mexicles also had a gun MAC (Military Armament Corporation) 11 9-millimeter made by MasterPiece Arms (MPA), a relatively new company in the industry. MPA was born in the year 2000 and in the last two decades they have dedicated themselves to expanding and perfecting their models thanks to the use of these in high-level shooting competitions.

One of the main specifications of the MAC 11, known as a “submachine gun”, is its ability to empty the 32-round magazine in less than two seconds. This, far from being considered an advantage, makes it a difficult instrument to use, since great precision is required to control cadence and recoil.

After three days of searching, authorities They have not been able to locate any of the prisoners. who escaped from Cereso No. 3 in Ciudad Juárez in the company of Net. Faced with such a situation, the Government of Chihuahua recently released the files with some data on the escapees.

Although the official document did not specify the degree of threat of Ernesto Alfredo Pinon de la Cruzhas been identified even by state officials as a highly dangerous criminal and even “soulless”.


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