‘Wednesday’ producers give update after Jenna Ortega “left the show”

Some people fear what will happen Wednesday Now that Jenna Ortega has “left the show behind.” A producer from the production has since spoken out, teasing the future of the series.

Jenna Ortega smiling awkwardly as Wednesday AddamsJenna Ortega smiling awkwardly as Wednesday Addams
Credit: Netflix

One of Netflix’s standout productions is Wednesday, a series that takes a fresh approach to the timeless Addams Family tale. While beloved characters like Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, and the Thing still make occasional terrifying appearances, they now guest star on the show.

Premieres on Netflix on November 23, 2022, Wednesday quickly became a huge success, breaking viewership records for the streaming giant. The series took the top spot as the most watched show, surpassing the hugely popular “Stranger Things”.

set a record by streaming 341.2 million hours in its first week, Wednesday continued its conquest by accumulating an impressive 411.29 million hours watched globally within a week.

jenna ortega wednesdayjenna ortega wednesday
Credit: Netflix

Just a week after its launch, this achievement not only surpassed its own record, but also achieved the position Wednesday As the only English language series to achieve viewership of over 400 million hours within a week. squid game Ranked number one, but it’s in Korean.

For those unfamiliar with the story of the first season, it begins with Wednesday Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) seeking revenge against the bullies who targeted her brother Pugsley (played by Isaac Ordonez). This led to her expulsion from high school, prompting her parents, Morticia (portrayed by Catherine Zeta-Jones), and Gomez (portrayed by Luis Guzmán) to enroll her in Nevermore Academy – a home for misfits. A boarding school for them where they themselves met for years. First.

Wednesday’s cold and unfeeling demeanor, coupled with her rebellious nature, creates challenges in forming relationships with her fellow students and brings her into conflict with school principal Larissa Weems. Despite these obstacles, she stumbles upon a revelation – she has inherited her mother’s psychic abilities.

Jenna Ortega on WednesdayJenna Ortega on Wednesday
Credit: Netflix

This new gift empowers her to unravel the threads of a local murder mystery, adding a fascinating twist to her mysterious journey.

Lately, the show has been facing some unexpected hurdles.

In recent events, Thora Birch, best known for her role Cheat, It was decided to stop production prematurely. Initially, the reason was a family emergency that required him to return home, but Burch has now clarified that creative differences played a significant role in his departure. Additionally, Percy Hines White, who portrayed Wednesday’s girlfriend, suffered a similar fate. Xavier Thorpe, who was initially positioned as Wednesday’s permanent romantic interest, had his role terminated by Netflix amid allegations of the actor’s inappropriate behavior towards girls.

Although these claims have not been proven, they were certainly enough to force Netflix to abandon it.

We also shared reports that said a copyright claim was coming in the way of season two, “In a surprising turn of events, it has been reported that Netflix has lost the rights to the highly anticipated series, Wednesday, The show, based on the iconic character from “The Addams Family,” was going to be a major addition to Netflix’s original content lineup. However, recent developments suggest that the streaming giant will no longer have the rights to distribute the show.

Larissa WeemsLarissa Weems
Credit: Netflix

According to industry insiders, the authority Wednesday A rival streaming platform may have been acquired. Although the exact details are unknown, the news has left fans of the show disappointed.

While this was just confirmed in season two Wednesday Filming will take place in Ireland, with Ortega currently focused on a different Tim Burton project.

Beetle Juice It has garnered a dedicated fan base over the decades, with enthusiasts making a tradition of re-watching the film every Halloween or simply because of its enduring appeal. The story revolves around the Maitlands, Adam (Alec Baldwin) and Barbara (Geena Davis), as they face the challenges of later life.

Their peaceful existence takes a chaotic turn with the arrival of the Deetzes – Delia (Catherine O’Hara), Charles (Jeffrey Jones), and their daughter Lydia (Winona Ryder) – prompting the intervention of the mischievous Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton). .

Despite long-standing discussions about a sequel in the early 2000s, the project has faced several obstacles, leaving it in development limbo.

Michael Keaton in BeetlejuiceMichael Keaton in Beetlejuice
Credit: Warner Bros.

Tim Burton, director of the original film, has stressed the importance of Michael Keaton’s involvement for any potential sequel, and Keaton’s official involvement as well as the return of Catherine O’Hara adds momentum to the project. Netflix’s Jenna Ortega is also joining the cast Wednesday, With Winona Ryder, Willem Dafoe, Monica Bellucci and other notable names mentioned before.

Ortega was recently spotted filming the film, which many felt left her role as Wednesday Addams behind.

While Jenna is not currently filming the Netflix series, Steve Stark, its creator, is Wednesday, You have reduced all the anxiety.

“Stark talked about moving production to Ireland,” Clutch Points reported. He said, “Romania was a wonderful place to shoot creatively, but challenging in many ways.”

wednesday and friendswednesday and friends
Credit: Netflix

The publication continued, “Stark then dropped an exciting tidbit about the upcoming second season. I confirmed that “there will be lots of surprises”. Wednesday Season 2. Otherwise, little is known about the upcoming season. “Definitely Jenna Ortega will be back.”

So, for anyone who was worried that the Scream Queen would be giving up her braids forever, fret not, because the show is still on track. It is rumored that season two will release in late 2024, as Netflix is ​​making the show a higher priority now that the SAG-AFTRA strike has ended.

are you waiting? WednesdaySeason two?

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