Wednesday’s therapy scenes get a candid assessment from a real therapist (and prove she really was the villain)


  • Dr. Kinbot’s sweet personality Wednesday May seem disingenuous, but it is ultimately real and has a way of making people feel comfortable in therapy.
  • Dr. Kinbot’s production design and wardrobe Wednesday It is hinted that her sweet and friendly appearance reflects her true nature.
  • Dr. Kinbot’s caring and affectionate nature makes him a potentially effective therapist.

Physician Dr. Valerie Kinbot, a licensed physician, is investigating the effectiveness of Wednesday, After being sent to Nevermore Academy after attacking a classmate, Wednesday Addams (Jenna Ortega) also has to see a therapist. Over the course of the show, Kinbot (Riki Lindholm) grows close to Wednesday and even helps him achieve several successes. While his personality often irritates young Addams, Kinbot always tries to help him.

each member of WednesdayThe cast is a quirky and larger-than-life personality. In Kinbot’s investigation, cinema therapy Wednesday’s Support explored the sheer challenges of a therapist intervening. With filmmaker Alan Seawright, physician Jonathan Decker considers whether Dr. Kinbot’s personality is actually his nature, or whether it is an elaborate plan to get closer to Wednesday. The two debate whether this makes him a hero or a secret villain and eventually agree that “sweet sweet” That’s exactly who Dr. Kinbot is. Check out his quotes below:

Decker: My first instinct is to say that he is having too much sugar candy. Except that’s exactly who it seems to be. In which case, it’s fine. If you’re using it to harass people or make them feel comfortable… I don’t know. I don’t like it. I think it’s important to show up as yourself in therapy because, as you heard me quote Dr. Yalom, it’s the relationship that heals. And you can’t build a relationship based on wearing a mask, right…Marine Writer: One of the things in filmmaking that tells us it’s really him… is the production design and wardrobe. It’s all sticky, sweet, and good, and it’s all light, airy, and lovely. Like, he has an office. The way she dresses is very cute. Yes. The hair is… slightly curly and somewhat bouncy. Like, she seems like a friendly, nice, sweet lady. And all these subtle clues are telling us who he really is. And then, of course, there’s music playing. Maybe she’s a villain because it’s Wednesday and she thinks everyone is a villain.

Decker: Yes, it’s part of the story. Well, the thing is this. People like Dr. Kinbot can sometimes make the best doctors. By this I mean really caring, really affectionate. Really want to help. The point is that people who are so sweet often go to therapy because they want to help, and they can’t afford to stare in the dark… Overall, I like that. Her style is not my style, but that’s because her personality is not my personality.

Is Wednesday’s Doctor effective?

Riki Lindholm as Dr. Valerie Kinbott on Wednesday

It can be difficult to tell whether a therapist is truly effective by only watching excerpts from his or her sessions. Wednesday continues to grow and change throughout the season, primarily as she eventually recognizes the reality of Dr. Kinbot. The sad thing is that it can only be seen properly on Wednesday when Kinbot dies shortly before Wednesday Season 1 is over.

When Kinbot was still alive, Wednesday always suspected that she might be the secret killer. After all, there are very few allies for the Outcasts, making it doubtful that Normie Kinbot was at all willing to spend time talking with them. Unfortunately, he died on Wednesday trying to reveal the truth. Because of that, Kinbot could never become effective without being proven innocent, or dying.

Although he never really convinced Wednesday while alive, his methods still influenced addams family Character. Over time, she becomes closer with her classmates at Nevermore Academy and even pursues a relationship. While Kinbot often struggles to convince Wednesday to communicate with him, she appears to be an effective therapist. doctor on Wednesday Certainly the titular character changed, but she did not live to see her success.

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