Weekend Gaming presents the VALORANT flash league, a short competition with great rewards


In a continuous effort to energize and strengthen the scenario of electronic deportations in Honduras, the renowned organization Search games announced its latest initiative: the Flash League of VALORANT. With free entry for participating teams, this competition promises to be a highlight for players looking to stand out in the competitive world of VALORANT.

The flash league VALORANT Finde Gaming seeks to encourage the participation of talented players at a time that maintains a high-level competitive environment. To be eligible, players must maintain Diamond or Ascendant ranks, ensuring a balanced and exciting skill level for viewers.

With six teams in total, each consisting of five players, the league promises exciting and strategic events. During the regular phase, teams will brake in best-of-one matches (Bo1), while the Playoffs will increase the intensity with best-of-three matches (Bo3).

The flash league VALORANT will begin on November 17, marking the start of four weeks full of action and excitement. Teams will compete fiercely in search of glory and the Playoffs will determine who will win the championship title.

In a significant gesture for the gaming community, Finde Gaming has dedicated a prize bag Impressive $300. This is a demonstration of the organization’s commitment to recognizing and rewarding local talent, encouraging teams to give their best at every stop.

For those interested in participating or simply following the action, all information and registration details are available on the official Finde Gaming Discord. Join the community, meet others who are passionate about it. VALORANT and get ready to be part of a unique experience in the Flash League VALORANT.

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