weekly incidence drops to 458, stable Rt at 0.96

Intensive care occupancy rate drops –

The intensive care employment rate drops to 3.4% (as of May 12) compared to 3.7% the previous week. The employment rate in medical areas nationwide drops to 12.6% versus 14.5% seven days ago.

No “high” risk region –

Furthermore, according to the weekly monitoring of the control room of the Ministry of Health and ISS, no Region is classified as “high” risk. Three regions are classified at “moderate” risk, including two for multiple resilience alerts. The remaining regions are classified as “low” risk.

Only 10 Regions above the wards employment threshold –

Regions that exceed the 15% alert threshold for the occupation of ordinary wards by Covid patients drop to 10, compared to 12 last week. The highest value is in Umbria. They are: Abruzzo (20.6%); Basilicata (23.2%); Calabria (21.3%); Campania (15.7%); Molise (15.3%); Puglia (17.2%); Sardinia (15.7%); Sicily (18.6%); Umbria (31.6%); Aosta Valley (16.6%). On the other hand, no Region exceeds the alert threshold of 10% for the employment of intensive care.

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