weighs like a grown man

His weight – 72 kg – is the average weight of an adult man.

This is the largest gold nugget in the world: it weighs as much as an adult human.
Currently, only copies of it exist.

In the 21st century, we are still amazed by the great discoveries that happened in the past. Although today we target asteroids worth billions of euros, we still find the most expensive diamonds in the world, but since the 19th century we have not found a larger piece of gold than Welcome strangernugget about 72 kilograms.

An amazing find from the 19th century.

The discovery of the nugget known as Welcome stranger This is one of the most curious moments in the history of gold prospecting. This nugget, found on February 5, 1869 by John Deason and Richard Oates in Victoria, Australia, is the largest recorded to date. weight 72 kilograms and length 61 centimeters. according to the BBC.

Its cyclopean size meant that it did not fit on the scales for full weighing and had to be fragmented before photographic documentation. Although its cost was enormous, those involved in the discovery received less than £10,000 for it at the time, a modest figure compared to its current estimated value of around €2.34 million.

The fact that it was lost forever and its size never documented is a shame. But the years passed and they left creating replicas adapt to conditions, whatever they may be.

replica of the largest gold nugget in history

This is an exact replica designed to demonstrate what the largest gold nugget in history might have looked like.

Other giant nuggets

While Welcome stranger no longer exists in its original form, having been cast into gold bullion, “Pepita Kanaa” bears the title the largest gold nugget that can still be admired. Discovered in Brazil in 1983, this incredibly heavy vein, weighing no more and no less than 60 kilograms, is on display at the Central Bank Securities Museum in Brasilia. There’s a lot to be grateful for because preservation of these landmarks This is usually practically impossible, especially considering that these are metals intended to be turned into ingots.

For its part, the Hand of Faith nugget also plays a very interesting role in the background of this story: it is the largest nugget found using a metal detector by Kevin Hiller in Australia in 1980, weighing 875 troy ounces (approximately 27.2 kilograms). . This discovery sold for more than 1.17 million euros. and today it serves as a decoration for the ostentatious Las Vegas casino.

The troy ounce size, equivalent to 31.1 grams, continues to be the standard for weighing precious metals, so it is clear that this unique and noble type of metal and it differs even in its size from the others.

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