Weirder names than celebrities have given their children

In recent years we have seen birth to children of both national and international celebrities. Being artists and show business figures, many people are aware of the names that they can put on the little ones, this implies that they could be criticized or praised.

However, the names that are chosen are not always conventional and they leave you with more questions than answers, here we present the names strangest of the children of celebrities.

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Many times we forget that famous actors, singers and influencers are also human beings and that, when they become parents, they also have the right to give them names their children they want, but this does not always mean that they will be familiar or easy to pronounce names.

Although we know that these children will not grow up with an “ordinary” childhood, since many of these celebrities are dedicated to having eccentricities with them, with their toys, their parties and even with the way they educate themthe names are not left out of this unusual life.

The children who make us fall in love on the networks, but who have strange names

At the national level, we have the example of ‘Isla’, the daughter of Natalia Reyes, or Kai, the son of Greeicy and Mike Bahía, or Índigo, that of Camilo and Evaluna and their cousin Apolo. However, one of the strangest names that we have been able to know is that of the son of Elon Muskwho named it ‘X Æ A-12’ after a science fiction movie.

There is also the name of the son of Robert Downey Jr., Exton, or those of the children of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Aire Webster and Stormi. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s daughter is called Apple and the sons of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm.

We also have the name of the son of Alicia Silverstone and Christopher Jarecki, who calls himself ‘Bear Blu’ as ‘Blue Bear’ in English.

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